Certified Coin Exchange at the Long Beach Expo

Michael Brandow, Sales Director
Interviewer: David Lisot

The introduction of third party grading allows many coins to trade as sight unseen commodities. One of the oldest electronic trading exchanges is Certified Coin Exchange, known as CCE. This company is a division of Collectors Universe that owns PCGS and other grading companies. Michael Brandow of the firm talks about CCE, how it works and why they come to the Long Beach Coin Expo.
Runtime: 2:56


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The Long Beach Coin Expo is the largest coin show on the West Coast and sets the market mood for the country. Hear from some of the dealers who come from across America to trade coins in California as they share how business is going at the Expo.

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  1. Sir John, I thank you for your great information on our coins and i would like to meet you some day, I live in kansas city missouri, we have eny coin shows in this town like from the 80’s see what you can do about that, been a collector sence the late 60’s Thank you for your information. carl cavallaro


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