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Certified Coins – Introducing the New CAC Market Values Price Guide

By Mark Ferguson and CAC Market Values …..
PCGS and NCG coins that have been approved and stickered by CAC command premium prices compared with coins that lack the CAC sticker. But exactly how much more should collectors and dealers pay or ask for CAC coins when buying or selling?

Now expert rare coin pricing analyst Mark Ferguson, Principal of Numisma Publishing, has launched CAC Market Values, an independent monthly price guide exclusively for CAC coins.

“With our new price guide, buyers and sellers of CAC coins can value them with confidence,” says Ferguson, who serves as editor and lead pricing analyst of CAC Market Values. “With our reliable and accurate pricing data, you can avoid paying too much when buying CAC coins or charging too little when you sell – maximizing your profit on every coin deal you make.”

Published monthly, CAC Market Values keeps subscribers up-to-date on ever-changing market prices for CAC-approved rare coins. What’s more, as Ferguson explains, “Market values are presented as high and low median ranges, providing subscribers with the true price spreads CAC coins are really trading at.”

What makes Mr. Ferguson uniquely qualified to value rare coins? He’s been an independent coin dealer since 1969, served as a professional coin grader for PCGS, and was the primary market analyst for Coin World’s Coin Values price guide for eight years. And he states, “In 2012, I researched and wrote the highly-requested CAC Market Study, published in association with CoinWeek.” The study measured price premiums for CAC-approved type coins by selected grades.

Now, as publisher of the new independent monthly price guide exclusively for CAC coins, Mark Ferguson has painstakingly researched and analyzed tens of thousands of individual sales of CAC-approved coins to build CAC Market Values from the ground up.

CAC Market Values Price Guide. Images courtesy Mark Ferguson

Numisma’s comprehensive new 20-page monthly price guide, CAC Market Values, reports on thousands of the most actively-traded CAC coins – by type, series, and grade. Mark Ferguson’s decades of experience enables him to accurately interpret market values, helping subscribers avoid the traps of inconsistent sales data that’s out of step with true market trends.

“We weed out outliers, adjust for changing market conditions, and establish values when sales data for very scarce and rare coins is limited or even non-existent,” says Ferguson. “That research and analysis is an ongoing process that keeps prices in CAC Market Values updated each month in the ever-changing market for rare U.S. coins.”

A one-year Charter Subscription (12 monthly issues) to CAC Market Values is just $199“enabling you access to the most current CAC market prices for just 55 cents day,” says Mr. Ferguson, who has been a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) since 1976.

To get the first issue of CAC Market Values on a risk-free trial basis, just phone Numisma at (920) 233-6777, e-mail: [email protected], visit: www.CACMarketValues.com, or mail a check or credit card payment to:

Numisma Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 177
Oshkosh, WI 54903-0177.

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Mark Ferguson
Mark Fergusonhttps://www.mfrarecoins.com/
Mark Ferguson was a coin grader for PCGS, a market analyst for Coin Values, and has been a coin dealer for more than 40 years. He has written for the ANA, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin World, Numismatic News, Coin Values, and The Numismatist. Mark can be reached at Mark Ferguson Rare Coins (www.mfrarecoins.com).

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