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CIT Scarab Collection – Sacred Scarab on Silver & Rhodium Coins

CIT Scarab Collection

Series: Scarab Collection / Selection III

Secret Riddle, Solar Zenith, Withering Blaze

Cook Islands. 5 Dollars. 2017. Silver .999. 1 oz. Proof. Diameter 38.61 mm. Mintage: 499 pcs. B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.


The obverse features a decorative floral pattern, onto which a round blank space is set in the upper middle of the coin, showing the portrait of the English Queen and the circumscription ELIZABETH II 5 DOLLARS COOK ISLANDS 2017.

The reverse shows a Scarab on round blank space; below, a continuation of the floral pattern from the obverse. In the field below, the title SECRET RIDDLE, SOLAR ZENITH (with Swarovski© crystal),and
WITHERING BLAZE respectively.


Egyptian mythology knows nine creator deities. CIT Coin Invest AG’sScarab Collection” series consists of nine types of Scarabs. It is dedicated to a central figure in Egyptian religion, the Scarab, which as the sun god Re rolls the sun through the darkness of the underworld and over the horizon, returning light to the world.

With the three types – Secret Riddle, Solar Zenith, and Withering Blaze, presented together as “Selection III” – CIT Coin Invest AG completes this series.

In biology, the Scarabaeinae are known as a subfamily of the Scarabaeidae or scarab beetles, of which nine different species are represented on the nine coins in the “Scarab Collection”. Like a mosaic, the series plays with different base colors for the surfaces on which the Scarabs are engraved in perfect smartminting© quality. The Scarabs themselves are also treated with an elaborate surface finish, with every coin receiving a different finish.

Selection III consists of a combination of black rhodium on classic silver under the name SECRET RIDDLE, of gilded perfection with a yellow Swarovski© crystal under the name SOLAR ZENITH, and in brilliant silver on a rosé-shimmering red-gold alloy under the name of WITHERING BLAZE.

The “Scarab Collection” series is a perfect example demonstrating today’s possibilities in surface treatment. Even though each individual specimen is an exhibit of technical mastery in itself, only the series in its entirety brings out the diversity of what is possible today.

Learn more about the series at www.coin-invest.li/collections/scarab-selection/.

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