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ana coin showThe American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) Edward C. Rochette Money Museum is disposing of low-value bulk coins that have accumulated in the museum’s vaults over the last 50 years. Heritage Auctions will feature a number of these deaccessioned items in three upcoming online auctions, which will take place between Friday, February 10 and Sunday, February 19.

  • Auction #9012 – Feb. 10 in the regular Heritage “Gallery” bulk lot auction
  • Auction #131708 – Feb. 12 Heritage’s weekly internet auction
  • Auction #1252 – Feb. 16 at the Long Beach Heritage auction

“There are 547 pieces ranging from cents to dollars that will be sold in three Heritage sales during February,” said ANA Curator Douglas Mudd. “This is a great opportunity to own a coin from the ANA collection.”

These excess coins include many worn or damaged common mint and date U.S. coins, and other pieces already included in the Money Museum core collection. Proceeds raised through the sale of these items will be used to support the museum’s collections, acquisitions and care program. This process will facilitate the ANA’s overall mission to represent the full range of numismatic history.

The auctions can be found on the Heritage Auctions website, followed by typing in “ANA Money Museum” in the keyword search.

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