Coin Books: Coin Collecting in Retirement & Managing an Inherited Collection.

Carlisle Development Corporation announces the release of a new book:

The softcover edition is available at at $19.95. The book is also available in eBook formats at, Barnes & and other eBook resellers at $14.95.

The primary focus of the work is to guide numismatists towards approaches which will enable the reader to enhance their enjoyment of coin collecting by adapting their collecting pursuits to accommodate the specialized challenges faced by retirees.

book_retirementMajor topics included in the book are:

  • How coin collecting differs during the retirement years
  • Selling coins, a new experience for many collectors
  • The advantages of simplifying your collection
  • Understanding the needs of your family
  • Organizing your coin collection for ultimate disposition
  • Re-allocating your collection assets to focus on areas of personal interest with new challenges and growth opportunity.
  • Estate planning considerate of the specifics of your family and their interest in coin collecting

The second major section focuses on the needs of inheritors of a coin collection:

  • How to approach a coin collection
  • Approaches to selling different kinds of coins
  • Basic information needed to protect/preserve the collection
  • Guidance in allocation of time to achieve the best outcome

There are many books targeted to the needs and education of coin collectors, however this is one of the first to focus on the specialized needs of retired numismatists.

To order or for additional information you may call 1-800-219-0257 or visit our website at Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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  1. Coin collecting is no longer something a person can do by checking your change when you get home like when I was a kid. Now I have all these collectables and have to sell them because my kids don’t want to collect coins. This is challenging. If anything happens to me, I am certain my kids will just bust into the slabs and spend them as cash. Can you imagine spending a 1986S silver eagle or an 1883 Hawaiian Hapa Dola for your lunch in a roadside diner or lunchwagon?


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