ana_election_forum_thumbThe American Numismatic Association has elections every two years to elect a president, vice president and a board of nine governors.

This election for ANA has a field of 14 candidates running for the board of governors.

The office of president and vice president have single candidates running unopposed.

Hear the positions of this large slate of candidates who hope to run the largest coin collector organization in the United States.

Presented in Alphabetical Order

Candidate: Gary Adkins

Candidate: Scott Barman

Candidate: Steve D’Ippolito

Candidate: Michael Ellis

Candidate: Jeffrey Garrett

Candidate:: William Hyder

Candidate:: Richard Jozefiak

Candidate:: Gregory Lyon

Candidate:: Thomas Mulvaney

Candidate: Walter Ostromecki

Candidate: Oded Paz

Candidate: Ralph Ross

Candidate: Scott Rottinghaus

Candidate: Laura Sperber

Candidate: Jeffrey Swindling

Candidate: Jeffrey Wuller

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ANA National Money Show New Orleans

With its unique culture, rich numismatic history and eagerness to show its visitors a good time, New Orleans is the perfect host for the 2013 National Money Show. By day, enjoy all that the show has to offer:

  • • The big bourse with an equally big inventory fit for the Big Easy
  • • The signature Museum Showcase, featuring rarities from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum and private collections
  • • The Money Talks lecture series
  • • The ANA Mobile Archives, where visitors can hold historical documents right in their hands
  • • Hands-on educational opportunities for adults and kids

Find more news and video about coin and paper money collecting at:


  1. Notice in Oded Paz’s closing statement Mr. Ostromecki is not present. He is running unopposed so he must not think it important enough to stick around for the remainder of the forum. I can not remember exactly when he left, but he did not return.


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