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Copper is one of the most reactive metals used to make coins. Because of this, copper coins require constant care to maintain their original beautiful appearance.

In this insightful CoinWeek video, Early American Coppers president Bill Eckberg demonstrates the proper preservation techniques for copper coins and describes the simple tools you will need to do this yourself. Whether you collect large cents, half cents, or small cents, you need to understand the concepts Bill covers in this video.

If you like Bill’s demonstration, please consider joining EAC. Not only will you gain access to some of the most knowledgable collectors in the field, but you will also receive EAC’s excellent periodical Penny Wise.

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This video was filmed on location at the 2016 Summer FUN Show, conducted by the Florida United Numismatists.

This video program was filmed in 4K resolution for maximum video quality. Click the “Watch on YouTube” button to view video at maximum resolution.

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