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PANS 2015 Tour BannerThe Polish-American Numismatic Society (PANS) , based in Troy, Michigan, is currently organizing its 2015 “Numismatic Educational Tour of Hands Across The Borders” of Eastern Europe and Russia, set to depart September 9 and return to the United States on September 25.

The tour will start in Poland and cover Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. The itinerary includes visiting the Numismatic Cabinet at the Hutten Czapski Money Museum in Krakow, Poland; The Royal Castle Numismatic Cabinet, the Warsaw Mint Museum and the Warsaw National Museum Numismatic Department in Warsaw; The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius, Lithuania; The National Museum in Riga, Latvia; The Bank of Estonia Museum in Tallinn, Estonia; The Hermitage Museum, The Numismatic Department in Saint Petersburg, Russia and The Pushkin State Museum in Moscow–along with various non-numismatic stops and tours.

Reservations and other arrangements are made through Amerpol Travel, also of Troy, Michigan. The price of the overland portion of the tour is US$3,700. All travelers are responsible for their own flights to Krakow, Poland. The estimated fare for a flight from Detroit to Krakow is $1,200. A valid passport is essential, and a Russian visa is required for entry into Russia. This visa must be applied for in advance, so plan ahead if you need to acquire either a visa or a passport.

More information is available on our events page at

Contact PANS President Les Rosik at [email protected] or Treasurer Brett Irick at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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