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Coin Invest Trust Explores Mankind’s Greatest Fears With New Silver Coin

CIT Trapped Cook Islands 2019 $5


Cook Islands. 5 Dollars 2019. Silver .999. 1 oz. 38.61 mm. Antique Finish. Mintage: 999 pcs. B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.


The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley (initials IRB); surrounded by the sovereign’s name, the country of issue and the denomination 5 DOLLARS.

On the reverse, we see the vague silhouette of a face with its mouth wide open. It appears to be covered by a piece of fabric fixed to the smooth rim of the coin. The smooth outer rim of the reverses reads TRAPPED and 2019 in a canted position.

2019 Cook Islands $5 "Trapped"


What are the worst nightmares a person can have? One of them is likely that of being trapped without being able to move; being stuck in quicksand; being separated from the rest of the world by an impenetrable membrane. The award-winning designers of CIT Coin Invest AG have dedicated an innovative coin to this fear. The piece titled “TRAPPED” alludes to the primal fears of humans and applies the most modern minting technology to do so.

In order to be able to depict a front-facing portrait that appears to be covered by the fine fabric of a woven piece of cloth, the most elaborate minting technology was required. Smartminting makes it possible to recreate very fine patterns and to have it flow across an extraordinarily high relief. The coin’s obverse with the portrait of the Queen is struck in proof quality and refined with an antique finish.

Learn more about Coin Invest Trust’s smartminting technology here:

“Trapped” is a coin for connoisseurs. It is a numismatic piece of art. A piece of art standing in an old tradition. “Trapped” is indebted to Munch’s The Scream, but it also picks up on images fans of the first Star Wars trilogy will remember well: Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

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