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Coin Shows – Long Beach Expo September 2014 – Video Playlist

longbeach_entranceInterviewer: David Lisot from CoinWeek at the September 2014 Long Beach Expo, Long Beach California.

Dealers and Collectors Explain Why They Come to Long Beach Expo. VIDEO: 2:30

With Cory Frampton, Mexican Coin Company, Mark Garcia, Collector, San Francisco Bay Area, Greg Krill, North Bay Rare Coin, Allen Rowe, Northern Nevada Coin, Larry Shapiro, Larry Shapiro Coin, and Barry Stuppler, Stuppler & Associates.

After 50 years of holding coin and collectibles conventions the Long Beach Expo has a devoted following of attendees. CoinWeek spoke to some of the longtime devotees of the Expo.



Long Beach Expo Sept 2014 Offers Different Collector Displays at Sell Out Convention. VIDEO: 2:15

avid Hall, Founder, Professional Coin Grading Service, Taryn Warrecker, Convention Coordinator, Long Beach Expo…….

The final convention of the 50th year of the Long Beach Expo had a lot of surprises for collectors. The Expo features coins, currency, stamps and sports collectibles. This show had a special display of sports and movie memorabilia as well as some great items from the 1960’s. Hear and see the highlights of this convention.



long_beach_logo_3COOL COINS! Long Beach Expo September 2014. VIDEO: 7:47

David Lisot of CoinWeek.com once again walks the floor at the Long Beach Expo to find more examples of cool coins to show to people interested in learning about coins and numismatics. He talks to Mark Garcia, 1820 “Randall Hoard” Large Cent, PCGS MS65BN, Max Keech, Mexico 1915 Oaxaca 3 Centavos copper NGC MS64RB, Greg Krill, China 1985 ANA Convention Great Wall “Error” Silver Medal, NGC PR69 ULTRACAM, Allen Rowe, 1879 $4 gold Flowing Hair Stella PCGS PR63, 1875-S 20 cent PCGS MS63, Larry Shapiro, 1922 Peace Dollar “Toned” PCGS MS64, and Barry Stuppler, 1995-W Silver Eagle PCGS PR70DCAM. You will be amazed at these coins and their values!



Finest Known Set of PCGS Saint Gaudens $20 Gold on Display at Long Beach. VIDEO: 3:02

Barry Stuppler, Stuppler & Associates, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

The finest known PCGS graded Registry Set was on display at the Long Beach. Numismatist Barry Stuppler has helped the collector put this set together for almost a decade. The set is worth more than $7 million. Find out how the set was assembled and see examples from the collection.



Collectors Swing Rare Babe Ruth Bat at Long Beach Coin Expo. VIDEO: 1:52

Alisha, Memory Lane Sports, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

The Long Beach Expo is not all about coins. Other collectibles are on display and offered for sale that will might be of interest to anyone. One example at the September 2014 convention was a game used Babe Ruth bat. Collectors could actually hold the bat and have a picture taken.



Coin Market Report from Long Beach Expo September 2014. VIDEO: 1:56

Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com, with Greg Krill, North Bay Rare Coin, Allen Rowe, Northern Nevada Coin, Larry Shapiro, Larry Shapiro Coin and Barry Stuppler, Stuppler & Associates.

Find out how different dealers perceive the current state of the coin market in the Long Beach Expo market report.



Heritage Auctions Byzantine Gold Collection for Record Prices at Long Beach Expo. VIDEO: 4:10

Sam Spiegel, Senior Numismatist, Heritage Auctions, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.
An important ancient coin collection was sold by Heritage Auctions at the Long Beach Expo that is considered a benchmark for Byzantine collectors. Sam Spiegel of Heritage talks about highlights of the sale and why record prices were set for so many items.



US Mexican Numismatic Association Hosts 3rd Annual Convention in Scottsdale. VIDEO: 2:22

Cory Frampton, Executive Director, US Mexican Numismatic Association, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.
The only coin show in the United States devoted exclusively to numismatics of Mexico and Latin America takes place again in Scottsdale, Arizona October 16-18, 2014. USMNA Executive Director Cory Frampton talks about the added features including a welcoming party, added speakers, dealers and displays. Find out why this convention continues to grow.


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The Long Beach Coin Expo is the largest coin show on the West Coast and  is held three times each year.  Over 300 of the world’s most important dealers bring their great coins, currency, stamps, sportscards and other collectibles to every Long Beach show.

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