harper1Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com….

Numismatic News Editor and Futurist Dave Harper looks forward and wonders how the hobby will change over the course of the next 25 years.

David Harper Predicts: Changes in Coinage and Packaging. VIDEO: 10:32.

Traditional coins are a thing of the past. New coins come in different shapes, colors, with holograms, some that are heat sensitive, some that smell, are scannable, and the new ways they are packaged. David Harper talks about this new generation of coins and the different ways to collect.

David Harper Predicts: Changes in Coin Shows and Conventions. VIDEO: 2:44.

Coin conventions are  changing from a lot of factors David Harper comments on these factors and what shows will be affected the most.

David Harper Predicts: Things That Will Continue in Numismatics. VIDEO: 8:31.

Although many things are changing in the numismatic hobby some things will remain the same. David Harper shares his years in the coin hobby and shares what he believes will be some of the consistent truths in numismatics including the importance of US Mint products and information about them, the American Numismatic Association and state and local coin clubs, great coin rarities, numismatic research, grading services, and buying gold and silver.


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