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Over the past few weeks many of you have emailed or called asking if I was going to continue to write show reports. So, as they say, “Back by popular demand” I present to you my latest writing…

The June Long Beach show has traditionally been the slowest of the three times a year event. People seem to be busy with graduations, end of the school year, vacation planning, and the likes at this time of the year so I’ve come to not expect a whole lot at this show (so that I’m not disappointed). And on the surface it seems to have been right on course. But then I started to evaluate the show a little more in depth. Sometimes things just aren’t what they appear to be.

I have changed my business plan just a little so this show was a combination of the old one and my new one. Let me explain. I am trying to handle less coins that appeal to more collectors. Example you ask? Take for instance a 1943 50c in PCGS MS67 CAC. Great coin. Beautiful and a joy to behold. But you can find dozens of them at any major show. I’m not saying that collectors shouldn’t buy one (or the series). Just the opposite. I think they should. But I can’t compete with low end coins (un CAC’d) that are available by the truck load. Nor can I compete by hand selecting each and every one for its overall quality and eye appeal only to have collectors get frustrated because I won’t sell them at the same price as a “supermarket” dealer would. It’s pure economics. I should however tell you that I will continue to buy and sell those types of coins to “clients” for sets that I am building on their behalf (see below).

Therefore I am trying to find rare coins that by definition are, well, hard to find. Coins that collectors look high and low for, show after show. And as hard as that is for collectors, believe me when I say it isn’t that easy for dealers either. But try I do and try I will. Want some examples? Look no further…

1864 2c Small Motto PCGS MS66 RB. A classic that has been in demand forever.

1815/2 50c PCGS AU58 CAC. Another true classic that has had collectors asking themselves if they will ever find the right coin for their set.

1900 Lafayette S$1 PCGS MS66+. While available in lower mint state grades, true gems with exceptional eye appeal are few and far between.

So keeping my new plan in mind I would say the show was a success. I had the privilege and pleasure of spending some time with customers who are now friends and clients. Whoa! What is the difference between a customer and a client you ask? Simple. A customer buys something from a dealer. End of story. A client is someone who spends time with a dealer explaining their collection and game plan. They build a relationship with each other (got it in there didn’t I!), knowing that they are both on the same page. The fruits of that endeavor are immeasurable compared to that of a customer/dealer transaction. So I guess you have to ask yourself (or maybe not), do you want to be a customer or a client?

Enough philosophy. How about grading? Well as has been the norm for quite some time PCGS held the line. They reward great coins and well quite frankly, spank not too nice/fresh coins. Kudos to them. That’s how it should be. NGC? Uh, they weren’t there doing on-sight grading.

So there it is. My latest attempt at writing. I have sent my new purchases off to be imaged and put up on the web. I won’t be sending out a new purchase email highlighting them, so check back often throughout the week. I do however promise to work on getting the ability to send out future new purchase emails shortly. So…check out my latest offerings and if you see something of interest, email me or give me a call.

Remember…I love to talk coins.


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