COINEX 2012 and the British Numismatic Trade Association: Video

Christopher Martin, Chairman British Numismatic Trade Association and Christopher Webb, Council Member, BNTA,
Interviewer: David Lisot

The British Numismatic Trade Association is England’s elite group of coin dealers.

Members abide by a code of ethics designed to protect collectors and the public in all their business transactions.

The BNTA sponsors Coinex, Great Britain’s largest international numismatic convention that draws collectors and dealers from all over the UK and the world.

Learn more about this important British organization and convention from its chairman Christopher Martin and Council member Christopher Webb.


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The UK’s Premier 34th International Numismatic Show

The 2012 Coinex is the 34th annual international coin convention organized by the British Numismatic Trade Association. Only BNTA members and invited international dealers are allowed to have their stock on display for sale.

This year there were 70 tables on the bourse floor. BNTA members abide by a code of ethics meant to protect the participants in the coin collecting community and insure fair business dealings for all parties involved. Collectors come from all over the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and other parts of the world to buy sell, and trade.

Items offered for sale at the convention included ancient, medieval and modern coins, world coins, tokens, medals, paper money and antiquities. Along with the plethora of numismatic items offered for sale on the bourse auction sales were held by London firms A.H. Baldwin & Sons prior to the convention and Spink & Son afterwards.

All this activity creates an excellent opportunity for travelers to come and enjoy London as well as find items for their collections.

More information about Coinex and the British Numismatic Trade Association can be found at

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