The Bank of Russia has celebrates the enormous contribution of Russian writers and poets with a colorized silver three-ruble commemorative coin. The coin is part of a year-long celebration, that was authorized by a June 2014 decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Events surrounding the 2015 Year of Literature kicked off in January. The Year of Literature 3-ruble coin is struck in .925 silver, has a limited mintage of 3,000 pieces, and is struck in proof. The coin’s reverse is colorized. Issue date for the Year of Literature three-ruble coin was August 9, 2015.


In the center, the two-headed eagle, which is the emblem of the Bank of Russia. Underneath the eagle is the inscription Банк России (Bank of Russia). The eagle is surrounded by a beaded circle. Between the beaded circle and the rim is the following text: ТРИ РУБЛЯ (three rubles), and 2015 Г[од]. In addition, along the rim of the coin is the coin’s metallic purity, represented as “AG 925”, “31,1” representing the coin’s weight, and the mark of the Saint Petersburg Mint.


An image of an open book, struck in relief. It’s pages white, the side of the pages (or text block) are rendered in the colors of the Russian flag. A stack of books are positioned in the background to the right. Above the book, the date “2015” appears in blue text. Beneath an ornamental filigree. Below the book, in italicized script, is ГОД ЛИТЕРАТУРЫ В РОССИИ (Year of Literature in Russia).


Coin Specifications:

Country:  Russian Federation
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  3 Ruble
Mint Mark:  St. Petersburg
Mintage:  3,000
Alloy:  .925 Silver
Weight:  31.1 grams
Diameter:   39 mm
OBV Designer
REV Designer
Quality:  Proof

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