The Monnaie de Paris unveiled its multi-year Women of France 10-euro silver and 50-euro quarter-ounce gold coin series in 2016, with the French mint releasing a coin dedicated to Queen Clotilde, credited with establishing Christianity in France. Clotilde, who was born in Burgundy in 474 CE (before the Fall of the Western Roman Empire) and died in 545, was the daughter of King Chilpéric II of Burgundy (ruled 473-493).

Clotilde is recognized as spreading Christianity in France when she inspired her husband, King Clovis I (ruled 481-509), to convert to the Christian faith.

According to tradition, King Clovis promised to convert to Catholicism if he won the Battle of Tolbiac against a German tribe known as the Alemanni. King Clovis reigned victorious, and he was baptized by Bishop Remigius of Reims on Christmas day in 498. For her efforts in helping to foster Christianity throughout France, the Catholic Church canonized Queen Clotilde in 550. Saint Clotilde is recognized by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of brides, adopted children, parents, exiles, and widows.

Clotilde and each of the other honorees in the Women of France series will appear in respectively identical designs on the silver 10-euro and gold 50-euro coins.


The obverse of the Clotilde 10-euro silver and 50-euro gold coins features a portrait of a crowned Queen Clotilde looking solemnly downward toward the left, an image reverential of her sainthood. An aureola, or circle of light, is depicted as 41 dots around her head. The words REINE CLOTILDE, or Queen Clotilde, encircle the aureola, with a 474-545 dual date feature below representing the years of her birth and death. The background shows a lightly textured pattern bearing crosses, akin to tapestries of the era during which Queen Clotilde lived.


The reverse joyously depicts the baptism of King Clovis, who is seen prayerfully sitting within a baptismal font as Bishop Remigius delivers the baptismal rites and others look on. Inscribed at the top of the coin is 498 and REIMS, marking the year and location of King Clovis’ baptism. At the bottom center is the denomination of the coin, 10 EURO. On the left are the letters RF, which stand for République Française, or the French Republic. On the center-right side of the reverse is the coin’s date of production, 2016. The background of the reverse features a lightly textured diamond checkerboard finish roughly resembling the tapestry pattern on the obverse.

Coin Specifications:

Country:  France
Year Of Issue:  2016
Denomination: 10 Euro
Mint Mark:
Mintage: 5,000
Alloy:  90% Fine Silver
Weight:  22.2 g
Diameter:  37 mm
OBV Designer
REV Designer
Quality:  Proof


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