Dimes, Liberted Seated Halves, and Bi-Metallic Coins covered in new issue

The latest issue of CONECA ErrorScope, CONECA’S (The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America) bimonthly journal is now at the printers.

The March / April issue should be available to members at or around the first of March in the CONECA ErrorScope Online Members Only Area (assessable from the banner at the top of the CONECA homepage) and a hard copy should be showing up in mail boxes to all current members at about the same time.


In this issue, Tanay Wakhare wrote an interesting article on the transitional Roosevelt dime varieties of 1969 – 1970 discussing both the RDV-001 and RDV-002.

Kevin Flynn who is working on his current book, The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Half Dimes and has an article discussing the over date on the Liberty Seated Half Dimes for the year 1848 and 1849. Mr. Flynn goes into detail of the diagnostics of both over dates using close up photographs and overlays.

Ken Potter gives a report on CONECA’S presence at the 2013 Michigan State Numismatic Society’s Fall Convention. Of the several coins examined at the CONECA table highlighted in Mr. Potter’s report was a 1946 DDR-001 (FS-801) Walking Liberty half dollars (strong doubling on eagle’s wing feathers) owned by Karl Brenner and a Canadian 1976 one cent piece exhibiting an “Incomplete Curved Clip” brought to the show by Colin Cutler.

Jeff Ylitalo writes about “Bi – Metellic Coins Struck on Solid Denomination Planchets”. Several coins are high lighted including a 2003 Chilean 500 peso struck on a bronze planchet intended for a Chilean 50 peso.



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