Mike Byers Mint Error News - 2018-P Roosevelt Dime Struck on a Steel Planchet

By Mike Byers for Mint Error News ……

2018-P Roosevelt Dime

Struck on a Steel Planchet

98% Iron / 1.5 Grams


New Discovery


This is a fascinating new discovery. United States Roosevelt Dime off-metals are very rare. There are only a few known on copper or foreign aluminum planchets.

This 2018 Roosevelt Dime was struck on a full-size steel planchet weighing 1.5 grams. It is “as struck”, with blazing luster and no surface marks or distractions, and a weak strike due to the hardness of the steel planchet.

Major United States Mint errors dated 2010 through 2022 are very scarce. It is a rare event to discover a U.S. off-metal, die cap, or double-struck major mint error dated 2010 or later.

The only official U.S. coin struck in steel was the 1943 Lincoln Cent during World War II. To have a 2018 Roosevelt Dime off-metal struck on a steel (98% iron) planchet is a very exciting discovery and an extremely rare mint error.

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Mike Byers Mint Error News


  1. It was the 1943 Lincoln penny that was minted with steel not the 44 as stated in the article. Sorry. Do you really know your coins ??

  2. “The only official U.S. coin struck in steel was the 1944 Lincoln Cent”

    Oops. That’s of course 1943, not 1944.

    • Without a good photo or detailed description there’s no way to say anything about your coin.
      Specifically: What date? What mint mark? What condition? What makes it appear different from other dimes?

  3. I have a 2000 penny struck on a dime. It shows both the penny and the dime what would in your opinion be the best way to sell to get the most money? Want to sell asap. Have had it for approx 2 yrs.

    • If either of the images is reversed/mirror-imaged, it’s likely post mint damage via a vise or clamp. Not very common but no real added value aside from being a curio, as it can be easily reproduced. I would take it to a local coin shop so that they can give you an expert opinion!

  4. I have a few dimes that look like this one. I am not sure if it is made of similar metal or what I have. I have a 1946, a 1957, and a 1959. The only one that has a mint mark is the 1959, which is a “D.” Can somebody please email me if u have any information to pass on.


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