Mike Byers Mint Error News - Amazing Unique Proof Ike Dollar Clover Leaf Offered in Central States Heritage Auction

“Clover Leaf” Eisenhower Dollar Struck on Dime Planchets

NGC PR 68 Ultra Cameo


By Mike Byers for Mint Error News ……

From the Heritage Auction listing for this one-of-a-kind Ike dollar:

Undated Three-Piece “Clover Leaf” Eisenhower Dollar — Struck on Clad Dime Planchets — PR68 Ultra Cameo NGC.

The word unique is used perhaps too often by error coin catalogers, but it is the single word that best describes the present lot. Three clad dime planchets were simultaneously struck by a pair of Ike dollar dies.

The planchets touched but did not overlap, and formed a “clover leaf” pattern with the top planchet centered above the remaining two planchets.

Only the 1 in the date is present, and the mintmark is absent, but Earth is complete, and confirms the reverse is Type Two, struck in proof format only during 1971 and 1972. A showstopper mint error on a popular obsolete type.

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  1. Mint error? How did three dime planchets get perfectly positioned in the ike dollar press? And then get released intact and remain together? Definitely looks like an inside job to create a spectacular “error”.


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