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1741 L V Peru Gold 8 Escudos

Triple Struck Flipover




This 1741 Peru Gold 8 Escudos is a very rare South American gold coin. It is a spectacular triple struck flipover creating a dramatic numismatic rarity. It is tied for finest known, with the only other Mint State example being a normally struck 8 Escudos certified MS 62 by PCGS.

Mike Byers Mint Error News - Triple Struck 1741 Peru Gold 8 Escudos

After being struck, it accidentally flipped over and was struck an additional two times. Considerable detail is visible from both the understrike before it flipped over and from the additional two strikes afterward.

I have handled many gold mint errors and die trials from around the world in the last 40 years, and this triple struck flipover 8 Escudos ranks at the top.

It is undergraded since it shows considerable luster and reveals especially thick die polish lines in the recesses between the raised features, giving the feeling that this coin did not circulate and was preserved.

Mike Byers Mint Error News - Triple Struck 1741 Peru Gold 8 Escudos

The gold 8 Escudos is one of the most popular coins ever minted and is collected worldwide. King Philip V was the king of Spain when this gold coin was struck in Peru. It was struck at the Lima Mint and has a weight of 26.90 grams. The gold 8 Escudos was accepted as legal tender in the United States until 1857 and is also widely sought after by serious numismatists in the United States.

This unique triple struck flipover gold 8 Escudos combines rarity, condition, and also fascination as a major mint error gold coin. This numismatic treasure belongs in a world-class collection of South American gold coinage, gold coinage from around the world, or as a spectacular gold mint error.

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