CoinWeek staff reports….

PCGS‘ in-house photographer Phil Arnold posted on the company’s website that changes are coming to the Newport Beach, California-based grading firm’s popular TruView coin photography service.

According to Arnold, PCGS, responding to collector requests, will begin to offer collectors a more robust TruView service that will offer additional image size options, plus the ability to download high resolution coin images as a .png file. In addition, collectors will have the option of downloading their coin images without the PCGS background, which will aid those wishing to use post-processing image software.

Arnold also announced that PCGS will no longer offer TruView images on CD. In the past, PCGS would provide collectors with CD copies of their TruViews for a $25 additional fee. Arnold sites the lack of collector interest for phasing out that program but says that PCGS’ online offerings already allow collectors to save hard copies of high resolution versions of their coin images.

Two images comparing the old and new services were posted on the PCGS website. They are reposted below.

PCGS first launched the TruView service in 2005.

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