The Guide Book of the Official Red Book of United States Coins offers a history of coin price guides, leading up to the best-selling numismatic reference of all time: the legendary “Red Book.” Longtime collector Frank J. Colletti explores the foundation laid by R.S. Yeoman, and then studies each Red Book issued since 1946.

Regular editions, special editions, authorized editions, and errors are all examined in detail. Colletti tells what to look for and how to build and care for a collection of Red Books. He discusses Red Book – related medals and other collectibles. Kenneth Bressett, Q. David Bowers, and other numismatists offer their personal recollections of the famous coin reference guide that has sold more than 22 million copies.
Binding: Paperback

Edition: 1st
Publication Date: March 2009
Size: 6×9
Pages: 304

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