By Wayne G. Sayles

Ancient Coin Collecting V explores the civilized world after the fall of Rome through the coins of the Romaioi, Greek citizens of the Roman East. Their coinage reveals a society with strong religious undercurrents and divergent philosophies, and an empire plagued by political and financial crises. Ancient Coin Collecting V also contrasts the artistic styles of iconoclasm with traditional religious art, and traces the evolution of Christian themes in coins.

This book delivers information on coin attribution and provides production details such as denominations, mints and dating. More than 300 photos, maps, a glossary and a detailed bibliography make this a must-have resource for both beginning and experienced collectors.

* This is the fifth book in a popular six-volume series
* Packed with useful collector information: attribution guide, production specifications, bibliography and glossary

Pages: 208 Size: 6 x 9 ISBN: 0-87341-637-6
Other Features: Hardcover, 300 b&w photos
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