A new biography on the life of James Crawford, fourth superintendent of the Carson City Mint from 1874 to 1885, is now available in hardcover, from the award-winning author of The Mint on Carson Street, Rusty Goe.

Packed with more information about an officer in the Bureau of the Mint system than any other reference, this 650-page book, entitled James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City – A Short Full Life, traces this historic figure from his birth in Kentucky to his rise to fame and authority at Nevada’s venerated coin factory in Carson City. While a small minority of coin collectors are familiar with the name James Crawford, this great man’s legacy has unfortunately been obscured in the passing pages of time. Until now, that is. For, author Rusty Goe, employing the tedious tenacity of a skilled researcher, has reconstructed James Crawford’s life, primarily through excerpts from hundreds of pages of newspapers spanning the second half of the nineteenth century. From stories of California’s Gold Rush to a probing chronicle of Nevada’s Comstock Lode, readers will be transported back in time to one of the most colorful eras in American history.

Even readers that are unfamiliar with James Crawford, or the mint at which he served, will enjoy the experience of learning about how some of the most famous coins in history were produced; and about how political chicanery affected the monetary system of the United States. But aside from coin making and political rascality, readers will appreciate the many human-interest stories scattered throughout the pages of this enchanting biography. James Crawford loved life and certainly lived it to its fullest measure. Whether out in the woods on a hunting expedition, participating in a sporting tournament, attending a masquerade ball, vacationing at beautiful Lake Tahoe, escorting a dignitary around town, presenting a speech at a Republican rally, or playing a practical joke on a friend, Crawford always found himself at the center of attention. And, just as those who were close to him admired, respected and loved him, readers will also become enamored with him by the time they have turned to the last page in this exhaustive volume.

Complementing the absorbing narrative is a virtual visual-feast of images, including dozens of coins from the Carson City Mint, and numerous pictures of persons, places, and old newspaper clippings. Rusty Goe spiced up his first major work, The Mint on Carson Street, which won Book-of-the-Year honors from two prestigious numismatic organizations (PNG and NLG) in 2004, with a similarly profuse presentation of images; and he has not detoured from this award-winning style in this new biography on James Crawford.

• Biography of the 4th Superintendent of the Carson City Mint (from 1874-1885).
• Extensive history of the Carson Mint.
• Anyone interested in the Carson City Mint, the coins produced there, Nevada history, or even U.S. history will greatly enjoy reading this book.
• It is filled with interesting facts and inspiring anecdotes.
• Perfect Companion reference to Rusty Goe’s 2004 Book-of-the-Year, The Mint on Carson Street.
• Over 650 pages filled with meticulously researched information and an abundant assortment of images throughout (some of which are being published for the first time) Approximately 300 images.
• Over 2,250 footnotes.
• Traces James Crawford’s journey through life and explains how the Carson Mint played a significant part in that life.
• The most comprehensive biography of any figure related to numismatics to date.
• This riveting book will appeal to a diversified readership, including lovers of Nevada history, Old West history, U.S. monetary system history, U.S. Mint history, and biographies of famous Americans.

The book, available in hardcover, will be distributed at all major outlets. For more information, please contact Southgate Coins at 5032 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502; or phone (775) 322-4455.

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