Gift certificates from Kolbe & Fanning make buying the perfect gift for the coin collector in your life that much easier

By CoinWeek….

Kolbe & Fanning $50 electronic gift certificateNumismatic booksellers Kolbe & Fanning are offering electronic gift certificates on their online store at

Three standard sizes are available: $25, $50 and $100. A special redemption code is given at the time of purchase. However, when you buy a gift certificate for $50, your friend or loved one will actually be able to redeem their special code for $55–an additional 10% value.

Likewise, when you buy a $100 gift certificate, the recipient can redeem it for $110 worth of books, magazine, catalogs and much more from Kolbe & Fanning’s extensive online inventory.

Kolbe & Fanning $100 electronic gift certificateYou can also request a custom amount. Simply follow the link above to view the gift certificate page, and click on any one of the three “Ask a Question” links. Or you can call them directly at (614) 414-0855 or email them at [email protected].

The gift certificates never expire, and they don’t lose value over time.

The student of coins in your life will thank you!


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