The Coins of Queen Isabel II of Spain - Patrick O'Connor

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers are proud to announce the availability of Pat O’Connor’s new book The Coins of Queen Isabel II of Spain: A Detailed Study of the Coins, Patterns, and Medals of Her Reign.

This exhaustive yet easy-to-use reference work covers all of the coins issued during her reign (1833-1868), providing full color illustrations of each coin type, information on rarity, metrology, designs and production, as well as current prices.

In this book, the reader will find:

  • A history of Spain leading up to and during Isabel’s reign
  • A history of Spain leading up to and during Isabel’s reign
  • An extensive catalogue of coins, patterns, fantasies, and medals of Isabel II from Spain, the Philippines, and Cataluña, with the catalogue including photos of each coin type, listing by mint and date, rarity and valuations, and pertinent historical and collecting details in each entry.
  • Royal decrees and numismatic history that provide context to the coins of her reign
  • A section on collecting and authenticating coins of Isabel II
  • Information about each mint, assayer, and engraver

Anyone with an interest in the coinage and turbulent history of Spain in the mid-19th century is certain to find this book useful and enjoyable.

The Coins of Queen Isabel II of Spain is available exclusively from Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers at The price of the hardcover, 294-page book is $135, which includes free shipping in the U.S.

Use coupon code ISABEL2 when ordering five or more copies for a 25% discount.

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