HOUGHTON, ARTHUR & LORBER, CATHERINE, Seleucid Coins: A Comprehensive Catalog 2002 Part I Vol. I & II, Classical Numismatic Group & A.N.A., Lancaster, PA & New York, NY, 2002

Profusely illustrated showing on nearly 100 plates examples of virtually every coin denomination and type of every mint in every reign. Seleucid Coins, Part I, again gathers the coinage of the early Seleucid kings in a single work of reference. It incorporates the new material that’s come to light in the last half century. Both Newell’s reasoning and the contributions of later scholars are critically reappraised.

The authors have also conducted their own inquiries, using all available evidence, to arrive at many new attributions. Part I also includes historical background and expands the scope of Newell’s commentary.

It is organized by reign rather than by mint, with an historical introduction to each reign, followed by an overview of the coinage and discussion of the king’s mint policies and iconographic program.

Seleucid Coins is first and foremost a practical resource for coin identification and attribution. It is designed to be accessible to beginners, to numismatists who do not specialize in the Seleucids, and even to those with only a peripheral interest in numismatics (such as archeologists, historians, and art historians). To this end it includes four indices that enables searches by control marks, remarkable types, remarkable legends, and countermarks.

The plates illustrate representative examples of virtually every coin type and denomination from every mint. Precious metal coins and bronze coins are segregated on separate sets of plates to facilitate the process of coin identification.

Lists reign by reign and mint by mint, a complete compilation of all known coins of the Seleucid Kings of Asia from the dynasty’s founding by Seleucids I Nictator in 313/2 B.C. to the death of Antiochus II (The Great) in 187. Volume I includes: Introduction – Maps – and Catalogue. Volume II includes: Appendices, Indices, and Plates.

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