When So-Called Dollars by Harold E. Hiber and Charles V. Kappen was published in 1963 it was the first, and today, more than forty years later, it remains the only book on this specialized series of exposition, commemorative and monetary medals approximating dollar size. Beginning with the legendary Erie Canal Completion issues of 1826, 135 years of American history is reflected in the array of issues catalogued inside.

While holding true to the original book in style and substance, prices and interest in so-called dollars have skyrocketed and much in this long-awaited second edition is new. The are more illustrations, more historical information, more listings including previously unknown metal varieties and totally new items, sizes are listed in mm rather than in 16ths of an inch as in the 1963 edition, pieces are cross-referenced to Eglit, Turner, Rulau, and more, a loose leaf price guide is included, and there is a section of color plates.

After decades out of print, the second edition of So-Called Dollars is the result of years of effort by a team of dedicated collectors – Tom Hoffman, Dave Hayes, Jonathan Brecher and John Dean with the cooperation of a “who’s who” in the field of medals and tokens.

So-Called Dollars is more than an illustrated standard catalog. It is also a literary and social history, capturing for collectors some of the most remarkable social phenomena of an American golden age. For its unique study of America’s growth and development as seen through its medals, it is well worth the attention of anyone interested in numismatics, history, politics and economics. After nearly half a century, it is still the only volume of its kind in existence.

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Publication Date: March 2007
Size: 8.5×11
Pages: 191

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