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CoinWeek Bullion Report: September 12, 2015 – Video: 2:42


Hi there. This is the CoinWeek Bullion Report for the Week of September 7-11th 2015. The information provided in this report is for informational purposes only. CoinWeek neither advises for or against the collecting or investing in precious metals or other instruments.

Before we dig too deeply into this week’s performance for gold bullion, let’s look at a side by side comparison of spot prices from last week to the present. As you can see, spot for gold on Monday and Tuesday was roughly on par with what we saw at the end of last week. Gold retreated to 1103.40, a loss of 1.7% on Wednesday and never really recovered. At the end of the week, gold was down 1.35% Friday to Monday – and down 2.56% from the start of last week to the end of this week.

Similarly, silver was down this week as well – with its weakest position being on Monday. However on Tuesday, it rallied, peaking at 14.79 – the high for the week. We haven’t seen silver that high at the end of the day since August 24, when silver closed at 14.81. Still, we are far off from silver’s highs for the year – and a long way to go for silver to hit the $30 position it more or less held up until February 2012.

Your bimetallic ratio ending the week is 75.87. That is 75.87 ounces of silver buying one ounce of gold.

And that wraps up your CoinWeek bullion report. I’m CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan. Have fun stacking and stay smart!

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