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CoinWeek Bullion Report – September 18, 2015 – Video: 2:47


Hi there. This is the CoinWeek Bullion Report for the Week of September 14-18th 2015.

The data provided in this report is for informational purposes only.

CoinWeek neither advises for or against the collecting or investing in precious metals or other instruments.

In our last report, we noted that gold had declined 2.56% over the course of the last two weeks. Gold continued its decline through Tuesday of this week, bottoming out at $1104.40 at the close of day, before surging on Wednesday. Some analysts point to seasonal demand as cause for the increase, others suggest that the Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s decision to hold off on raising interest rates as another reason why the metal moved higher.

August 24, 2015 was the last day gold closed higher than Friday’s $1138.90

For the week, gold was up 2.33%

Silver also fared better. Starting the week with a Monday close price of $14.42 after shedding .40 cents in weekend trading. By Wednesday silver passed last week’s peak price of 14.79 on its way to a $14.95 close. Friday’s close of $15.21 represents a 5.47% increase for the week and the highest silver has traded since August 22.

Your bimetallic ratio ending the week is 74.88. That is 74.88 ounces of silver buying one ounce of gold. Silver outperformed gold this week.

And that wraps up your CoinWeek bullion report. I’m CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan. Have fun stacking and stay smart!


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