CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan: “Now is the Right Time to Join the American Numismatic Association” – Video: 3:41

ana600CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan believes now is the right time to join the American Numismatic Association. For a limited time, the ANA will give new members a free copy of Scott Travers landmark Coin Collector’s Survival Manual – in its recently published Revised Seventh Edition – just for joining.

But Charles thinks that potential members will also benefit tremendously from the recent digitization of the entire back catalog of the Numismatist.

To join the ANA and take advantage of this limited time offer, click here:

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  1. Charles Morgan stated in a past article that the gold market was disrupted centuries ago by a rich Arabian trader who was perhaps the richest man in history. He spent so much gold that found it’s way to European countries that the gold markets were affected for years.

    Can you provide teh name and era of this man?


    • You’re probably referring to Mansa Musa (Musa Keita I), the king of Mali who lived from approx. 1280 to 1337. We Mentioned him in a recent article in The Numismatist.


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