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CoinWeek has just launched our new online store, CoinWeek Supplies. At CoinWeek Supplies, we offer virtually everything a collector needs to take their hobby to the next level.

From loupes to lights, coin folders and albums, flips, storage media, and a wide range of the latest coin reference books, CoinWeek Supplies brings together products from the industry’s leading suppliers and offers them for prices far below MSRP.

This week, we would like to highlight a small sampling of the kinds of products that we carry.

Essential Reference Books

A well-curated numismatic library is the cornerstone of any great collection. CoinWeek Supplies offers all of the industry’s latest references, including the following titles, which are essential reads for the intermediate-to-advanced collector:

Professional Tools and Equipment

Whether reviewing your coins, storing them for safekeeping, or organizing them for display, the vast range of products that we carry at CoinWeek Supplies will help you get more out of your hobby. Carrying a more in-depth selection of products than your local hobby retailer, CoinWeek Supplies has great deals on dealer-grade Eschenbach loupes, Saflip mylar coin flips, and elegant presentation trays from Lighthouse.

Your Purchase Supports Numismatic Writing, Videos, and Research

When CoinWeek was founded in 2010, we set out to provide the hobby with an innovative online platform for news and information about the coin collecting that was free to use and accessible to everybody.

Over the years, we have traveled the globe to produce thousands of hours of high-quality video and podcast content, published more than 14,500 articles and videos, and won the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) award for best online news website six times. Every month, CoinWeek adds to this treasure trove of numismatic information to our archives, reaching a monthly audience of over 465,000 hobbyists on our website. 65,700 Facebook Fans and over 24,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Help us keep the content coming by shopping with CoinWeek Supplies. Your purchases support this important resource and helps to provide the up-to-date and unbiased news and information that you’ve come to expect from the hobby’s leading independent news and information website.

Click here to go to CoinWeek Supplies.


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