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CoinWeek News Wire for August 5, 2016

By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for August 5, 2016

Brain Food

1.) Newman Numismatic Portal Update

The Newman Numismatic Portal will be represented at the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money in Anaheim, California next week. Stop by and visit, or attend one of our presentations. Our schedule is:

  • Wednesday, August 10: table #261, all day
  • Friday, August 12: The Newman Portal will be presenting at the NBS general meeting (11:30am), Huntington conference room
  • Saturday, August 13: The Newman Portal will be presenting at the ANA Money Talks forum (10am), Avila conference room

See you in Anaheim!

Len Augsburger
Project Coordinator, Newman Numismatic Portal
Washington University in St. Louis


2.) Here’s the deep history behind ‘In God We Trust’

[T]he push for the official recognition of a higher power reportedly began during the Civil War era after numerous appeals from the faithful flooded into the U.S. government. Some Americans at the time very clearly wanted officials to recognize and name God on U.S. currency

The Future Is Now

3.) Infographic – “Blockchain beyond Bitcoin”

Infographic outlining what blockchain adoption could look like, the 10 key hurdles to adopting blockchain in financial services and more

4.) Is Bitcoin Currency? What The Torah Says

Does Judaism consider bitcoins to be money? The question was addressed in an article under that very heading by Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin, who responds to questions posed to the website

5.) Florida judge: Bitcoins aren’t currency, so state money laws don’t apply

A Florida judge has decided in favor of a bitcoin vendor charged with violating local money-laundering laws, because, she found, the cryptocurrency is not money as defined under state law

Current Events

ICTA coin dealers

6.) Rare coin dealers’ lobbying paid off at Legislature

The dealers failed to persuade regulators for months and even after threats of lawsuits, so they chose another tack: They hired a blue-chip lobbying firm to change the law. They were rewarded with a legislative victory in May that will give them some regulatory relief starting Friday, when the new law kicked in

7.) Loblaw verifying accuracy of its coin-counting machines after concerns arise

Canada’s largest grocery chain says it’s trying to verify the accuracy of the coin-counting kiosks in its stores after TD Bank got rid of similar machines from its branches over allegations that they’ve been nickel-and-diming customers

8.) Russian WWII commemorative coin infuriates Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry

A jubilee coin dedicated to Vilnius’ liberation and issued by Russia’s Central Bank from its series called Capitals Liberated by Soviet Troops from Fascist Invaders, has prompted a negative response from Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry.

“We know Russia’s position and the coin issuance only confirms that Russia is not ready for the historical truth about Soviet occupation,” according to a statement by Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Political Director Rolandas Kacinskas on Wednesday

Under the Radar


9.) Moonstone man designs ‘Lucky Loonie’

The ‘Lucky Loonie’ has its roots in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, where the gold-colored coin was famously buried at centre ice to bring good luck to Canada’s men’s and women’s hockey teams…

10.) CBL Promises To Introduce Coin Denominations

Authorities at the Central [Bank] of Liberia (CBL) [have] assured the public that it would shortly reintroduce coins to ease the situation of smaller change on the local market

Treasure News

11.) Unique Byzantine Coin Discovered in Bulgaria’s Balchik

Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed a medieval coin depicting Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas (910s-969) in Balchik, by the northern Black Sea coast, local media report.

Next to the emperor is Virgin Mary

12.) Archeologists Find 1000 Years Skeletons and a Silver Coin

Two unique items have been found. A bone pin with an animal head and a silver coin, somewhat similar to other coins found in Nordic countries, but thought to have some distinguishing features

13.) Roman coin hoard among treasures unearthed by metal detectorists

A HOARD of 2,384 Roman coins, a medieval silver ring, a medieval silver spoon and a Roman silver brooch were all discovered in four different areas in Wiltshire

14.) Appeal launched to save the Wold Newton Roman coin hoard for public collections

At the time it was buried in 307AD near the village of Wold Newton, East Yorkshire, it was the equivalent of a legionary’s annual salary, three years for a carpenter or six years for a farm labourer.

The key amount in today’s money is £44,200 – the target of an appeal which has been launched to keep the largest Roman hoard of its type ever discovered in the north of England in public collections. The Yorkshire Museum in York now have four months to raise the money…

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert15.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):

High Grade Ancients Stolen

Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the theft of high-grade NGC-slabbed ancient coins valued in excess of US$400,000.

Stolen List:

List of stolen ancient coins, c/o NCIC (August 3, 2016)

* * *

Anyone with information about the case above should call Detective Prietro at the LAPD: (213) 486-6940.

You can also contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis at (817) 723-7231 or [email protected]

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


16.) Three Gold Coin Theft Suspects Still Waiting for Trials

Three suspects in a million dollar coin theft in Wichita Falls are still awaiting trial about three years after their arrests. Two of the defendants were in court yesterday, and no plea agreements were announced

17.) Richmond PD offer $10k reward for park ranger’s rare coin theft

Richmond Police is offering a $10,000 reward to find the person who stole a rare coin from one of their residents.

Back in June, 94-year-old Betty Reid Soskin’s coin, given to her by President Barack Obama was stolen during a brutal home invasion…

18.) Collector coins, family treasure stolen from Cape Girardeau home

[A] number of items were taken, including several coin sets handed down by her grandfather after he passed away last November.

“When I was in high school, we collected them together,” Evans said.

The sets included hundreds of uncirculated presidential gold dollars and state’s quarters…

19.) Expensive coin-stealing crook: Help identify burglar who busted into Edmonds antique mall through roof

Cameras caught him breaking into an antique mall on Highway 99 through a roof vent. From there you see him at a big, glass display case where he busts in and steals thousands of dollars’ worth of coins and jewelry — and detectives say there’s a reason he knew exactly where he wanted to go

Counterfeit Cavalcade

20.) Counterfeiting Mastermind Extradited to U.S.

Houssein is the subject of a “long-term undercover investigation” that went on for years. He allegedly sold thousands of dollars in counterfeit money to a Secret Service agent posing as a member of a New York-based “criminal enterprise.” He is accused of selling the agent nearly $150,000 in “high quality” fake $100 bills, and nearly $150,000 in phony euros

21.) Customs officers seize forged euro coins destined for Germany

Customs officers at the border crossing in Kipoi, northern Greece, on Thursday discovered over 27,000 forged 2-euro coins in a car with German license plates

22.) Lexington man charged with making a fake $1 million bill and trying to spend it

A Lexington man is accused trying to use a fake $1 million bill to pay for his purchases at a Walmart.

Michael Anthony Fuller, 53, of 3 Parker St., walked into the Walmart on Lowes Boulevard in Lexington on Nov. 17. He shopped for a while, picking up a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other merchandise, totaling $476, an arrest warrant says…

Banknote News

23.) New plastic fiver to be displayed at National Railway Museum

The all-day visit to the museum on Thursday is part of a nationwide tour, that has already included a day at Gatehead Metrocentre, to help familiarise people with the note

24.) No Plans To Change Mahatma Gandhi’s Photo On Currency Notes

Replying to a question whether the government intends to replace or add photos of other leaders on currency notes, Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal said “a Committee was formed during UPA which has already decided that there is no need to change Mahatma Gandhi’s photo on the currency notes…”

25.) CBL Governor’s Nightmare, As House Committee on Banking and Currency Threatens ‘Vote Of No Confidence’

Barely a week after the Central Bank of Liberia announced the printing of a new bank notes [sic] including a new five hundred Liberian dollar denomination, the House Committee on Banking and Currency has threatened to lead a campaign of vote of no confidence in the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Mr. Milton Weeks should the bank go ahead to circulate the bank note in question

Bullion & Precious Metals


26.) Diggers and Dealers: Golden allure keeps the miners coming back

Gold’s universal value brings with it no shortage of security challenges for those who mine and refine it.

It is a pleasant conundrum to have for the plethora of gold miners who will descend on Kalgoorlie-Boulder today for the 25th edition of the Diggers & Dealers mining conference, Australia’s biggest and founded on the precious metal…

Auction News

27.) An Exodus at Christie’s

It was unclear whether they were dismissed or left of their own accord; the three did not respond to emails seeking comment

28.) New Zealand’s oldest bank note up for sale

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s oldest bank note is being auctioned in the United States next week.

Director of bank note auctions Manning Garrett said the 1934 note could be expected to go for well over the estimated value of US$50,000 to US$100,000 ($69,000 to $138,000) based on Australia’s first Commonwealth issued banknote being sold for AU$1.8 million in 2008.

The American auction house Stack’s Bowers Galleries starts the bidding on August 12…

Mint News

29.) Ronald W. Reagan: Presidency & Later Life

The American dream lives—not only in the hearts and minds of our own countrymen but in the hearts and minds of millions of the world’s people in both free and oppressed societies who look to us for leadership. As long as that dream lives, as long as we continue to defend it, America has a future, and all mankind has reason to hope.”

–President Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the Annual Washington Conference of the American Legion (1983)

Read CoinWeek’s Ronald W. Reagan 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Profile here

* * *

30.) The world’s largest coin on display at Diggers and Dealers

Diggers and Dealers is celebrating 25 years and one display is attracting plenty of attention. The Perth Mint’s Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin is the largest and most valuable coin in the world and is worth around 60 million dollars

Coins & Kids

31.) August ANA Young Numismatist Auction Now Open for Bidding


YNs may bid on one or both items but only with YN Auction Dollars. Bids must be in by July 15 and can be submitted using the form to the right. In case of a tie, the first person to submit the winning bid is the winner…


32.) Sales of Clinton-Trump coin skyrocket after local coverage

Butler County metal stamper Long-Stanton Manufacturing minted 1,000 brass coins in July as a marketing piece just before the respective parties’ conventions, with Donald Trump’s face on one side and Hillary Clinton’s on the other.

The “Indecision 2016” coins hearkened back to the company’s founder, who created coins for presidential candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas during the contentious campaign of 1860…

33.) War horse Sergeant Reckless has finally been honoured for her bravery

It’s 63 years since Sergeant Reckless, a chestnut mare, served the US in the Korean War. Now she’s been honoured with the PDSA’s Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross

Upcoming Auctions & Events

34.) Buncombe County Coin Club August Meeting

  • When: August 8 (Second Monday of each month)
  • Where: Grove Arcade, 1 Page Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

Downstairs in the meeting room. Use the elevator in the middle of the building.

Doors open at 6:30pm, Meeting starts at 7:00pm

Door Prize – American Silver Eagle

Raffle: Tickets $1 each. There will be 11 drawings, 10 Silver Eagles and 1 Gold Eagle (1/10 oz)

Questions? Email [email protected] for more information.

35.) Robbery Conference

The Numismatic Crime Information Center [see above for contact information, or click on the link] will be set up at the Robbery Investigators of Texas Conference to be held on August 17, 2016 at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. Over three hundred investigators from Texas and surrounding states will be in attendance.

I am currently looking for examples of counterfeit slabs and raw bullion (one ounce gold eagles, buffalo’s, key date coins, silver bars, perth gold bars being bought off of Alibaba.com, etc.) to display for educational purposes. Any counterfeit mint boxed coins would also be beneficial.

All coins sent will be returned after the conference. Please send by August 15, 2016 to P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094 or I will be attending the ANA in Anaheim from August 8-10 and could pick them up in person.

36.) Marianas Stamp & Coin Club meets on Saturday

Marianas Stamp & Coin Club meets at Joeten-Kiyu Public Library every first Saturday of the month.

The club began in 2015 under the direction of Steven Connor. Meetings are open to people of all ages. There is even a short lecture and free coins for children to begin their own collections…

37.) Stowmarket firm to host its first international coin auction this week

Stowmarket auctioneer Bishop & Miller is holding its first international coin auction on Friday.

There will be more than 300 lots going under the hammer, including ancient coins, British coins, world coins, tokens and bank notes. An additional sale of stamps, postcards and cigarette cards will also be held…

38.) Elting Memorial Library in New Paltz hosts coin collecting workshop on Aug. 18

Learn how to search pocket change, find valuable coins and start collecting. Join local craftsman Grant Abrams as he teaches a workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to start searching and collecting coins

Worthy Additions to Your Library

39.) Armenian Coinage in the Classical Period

The need for a revised and updated reference for Armenian coins of the classical period has been evident for many years. Publication has lagged, and with it, the discovery of numerous previously unknown coins, while long-standing misattributions have hampered the best efforts of researchers in the field of Armenian numismatics. Armenian Coinage in the Classical Period attempts to address these problems and to present the ancient coins of Armenia as reliable source documents

40.) Reference Book on Olympic Coinage Lists All Issues from 1952 – 2016

The books’s author is Dr. Albert Beck, Honorary President of the World Money Fair and an expert on the subject of Olympic coinage. He has also served as a consultant for many of the coin programs included in the text, beginning with the 1980 XXII Summer Games hosted in Moscow in what was then the Soviet Union

World of the Weird

41.) Troopers: Angry driver hurled coins at car

A 28-year-old Stillwater man faces a criminal mischief charge after he threw coins at another vehicle on Route 146, State Police said

* * *

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