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CoinWeek News Wire for January 6, 2017

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CoinWeek News Wire for January 6, 2017

Brain Food

1.) Design Moments: Irish Free State coins c. 1928

By 1926 the newly-minted Irish Free State was ready to get its own coinage and by the time the Coinage Act was enacted in 1927 a design competition was under way

2.) Stories of Old Nevada: Hoard of gold coins found at Lovelock Chinatown

There are countless stories about lost or buried treasure with gold, silver and other valuable items in Nevada history. Most of these are legends that may or may not have any basis in fact. The following story is one of the rare cases where a real treasure was found when there was no previous knowledge that it even existed

3.) Check your coins for this rare 1926 George V sovereign… it could be worth up to £37,000

The 1926 George V sovereign Sydney mint may have originally been worth just £1, but now could fetch over £30,000

Under the Radar

4.) Canberra teenager snags first coin of 2017 after queuing since Christmas

Dedication has paid off for a Canberra teenager who spent a week camped outside the Royal Australian Mint to claim the first coin struck anywhere in the world in 2017

5.) PBOC issues commemorative coins in celebration of Chinese Year of Rooster

The People’s Bank of China has released a commemorative 10-yuan coin in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The coin is made of copper alloy; its obverse design includes the bank’s name, the Chinese characters for 10 yuan, and the year 2017; the reverse side features an image of a rooster

6.) Bank of Lithuania:100th anniversary of the State commemorated with a special series of five euro coins

The Bank of Lithuania will commemorate the 100th anniversary of our State by issuing four collector coins – one gold and three silver – and a 2 euro commemorative coin jointly with the central banks of Latvia and Estonia

Current Events

7.) Swiss Are Frank About Their Love of Cash

While cashless and electronic transactions are the trend globally, Switzerland’s affinity for bills shows no signs of abating

8.) Hopkins, MN Considering Temporary Ban On Pawn Shops, Coin Dealerships

The proposed one year ban would give the city time to consider placing new regulations on these types of businesses

9.) Woman strips outside RBI after being unable to exchange old notes

The women had come to the apex bank in order to exchange her old notes. She was turned away by the guards after her repeated requests to exchange the old currency. In protest she sat outside the RBI gate.

When the guards tried to move her away, stunning the onlookers and the guards, she took off her clothes and remained at the RBI gate with her child…

The Future Is Now

10.) Microsoft to Add Extensive Support For Bitcoin, Describes it as Currency

Microsoft, a technology giant headquartered in Washington, officially announced its plans to add extensive support for Bitcoin in the upcoming release of Excel 2017, which would allow users to calculate, format and analyze Bitcoin on the platform

Crime & Punishment

11.) MCSO: Antique coin collection stolen

A burglary of a home on Water Trak Road with about $2,000 in antique coins missing was reported to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday

12.) Bradford man sentenced for Bradford Coin Shop robbery

A Bradford man who assisted in the Oct. 8 robbery of the Bradford Coin Shop will serve a state prison term.

Michael J. Kelly, 31, was one of two men charged in the incident. He pleaded guilty Dec. 8 to charges of robbery, simple assault and theft by unlawful taking…

13.) Man arrested over fake Malawi K2000 notes: Faces seven year jail term

“He is suspected to have obtained the forged notes amounting to K80 000 of the newly introduced K2 000 bank note from unidentified men in Lilongwe. He then started spending the money in his home village, gave some to his friend … who in turn gave it to his farm labourers. But farm labourers realised that they had been duped after a trader recognised the notes as fake and refused to sell them his products,” explained Makalani.

Banknote News

14.) Three months left to prepare for the arrival of the new fifty-euro note

The new fifty-euro note will enter in to circulation from 4 April. The first series of fifty-euro notes, which are currently in circulation, will continue to be valid

15.) Printing error? Gandhi image missing from ‘genuine’ Rs 2,000 notes in MP

The cash crunch has had an unlikely casualty; Mahatma Gandhi’s likeness on a batch of the new Rs 2,000 notes. The Times of India reported on Thursday that farmers in a village situated in Madhya Pradesh have received newly printed Rs 2,000 notes without the Bapu’s image printed on them and they are not fake

Treasure & Archaeology

16.) 15th century gold coin found by dog-walkers heads to auction in Cornwall

The 600-year-old gold ducat was spotted on Loe Bar beach back in 1996 by a couple walking their dog. It is believed that the coin could have come from one of the numerous shipwrecks that occurred around the Lizard peninsula over the centuries.

The coin itself dates from the reign of Ferdinand I (1380-1416), the King of Aragon who was also ruler of Sicily and Sardinia…

17.) Treasure hunting villagers ‘dig up 500kg of Qing dynasty coins’ near river in China

Treasure hunting villagers ignored police to dig up over 500kg of Qing dynasty coins near a river in southeast China, according to local news reports

Upcoming Auctions & Events

Museums & Exhibits

18.) Ashmolean has one month left to save ‘Watlington hoard’ of Saxon coins for nation

VISITORS to Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum have been reminded they have about a month to save for the nation a hoard of Saxon coins discovered by a metal detectorist in a south Oxfordshire field

ANA News

19.) Last Chance to Own an ANA 125th Anniversary Medal

ANA 125th anniversary medal giveaway

Don’t miss your opportunity to receive a limited-edition 125th anniversary medal with a donation to the ANA. This beautifully designed bronze medal, crafted by renowned medallic sculptor Jamie Franki, can be yours with a gift to the ANA of $250. For a donation of $1,000, you’ll receive a .999-fine-silver version of this beautifully crafted medal. Don’t delay. Only 200 medals are available in bronze; the silver is limited to 25.

There are several other ways to support the ANA as well. Consider participating in non-profit support program such as Amazon Smile and eBay Giving Works, or by donating numismatic objects or books to the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum and Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library. Of course, donations in any denomination are always appreciated.

“Good News, Everyone…”

20.) Homeless man makes lucky discovery after finding rare Beatrix Potter coin

A homeless man moved on by police for begging in the city centre has had a lucky surprise this afternoon after discovering a rare coin worth hundreds of pounds

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