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CoinWeek News Wire for June 23, 2017: Gold Coins, Bitcoin, Crime Alert…

News Wire CoinWeek Coin News June 23, 2017: Bitcoin, Gold

By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for June 23, 2017

Brain Food

1.) Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a foreigner-friendly redesign?

The five-yen coin is the only denomination without its value written in numerals. The only indication of its worth is in the kanji characters 五円, which mean “five yen,” and so foreign visitors who can’t read kanji, or who can’t read those two in particular, have no way of determining how much the five-yen coin is worth without prior knowledge. Because of this, some individuals are saying numerals should be added before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, when the number of foreigners visited Japan is expected to surge

2.) Australian Numismatist – Virtual Coin Album and Values Guide

We are striving to bring to life The Australian Numismatist App for IOS and Android to give avid collectors out there the convenience and enjoyment of showing their live collection to others, view current values of a particular coin or banknote, view live eBay auctions for currency and generally building and creating their collection all from one location.

We also wanted to share the history of our country’s currency, how it was used, where and where it was minted and any controversy, if any, surrounding particular minted coins

Current Events

3.) Zimbabwe Bond Notes Running out as Banks Give out Coins

Long-suffering Zimbabweans are now being forced to accept huge sackfuls of coins from their banks and mobile money agents as bond notes vanish from the local market on the back of currency dealers who are either hoarding them for speculative purposes or taking the surrogate into the black market.

Investigations … have revealed that the bond notes … have flooded regional countries …traded at a premium … in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique

4.) America won’t go cashless until consumers know their money is safe

Fear of the unknown and concerns over security pose more obstacles. The report, for example, shows that the majority of US consumers (56%) feel using mobile payments makes them vulnerable to fraud and theft. Only 5% think mobile payments reduce the chance of fraud and theft, while 13% say it makes no difference

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency


5.) What Would A Bitcoin Look Like? The Answer Is Surprisingly Beautiful

In a project called Block Bills, the Los Angeles-based artist Matthias Dörfelt created visual representations of a randomly chosen 64 blocks on the bitcoin blockchain by using each block’s individual hash–the number that uniquely identifies it. When that number is put through the program that Dörfelt wrote, it creates eye-catching visualizations that resemble currency bills, but are fundamentally different.

But most striking is the abstracted, shadowy figure in the center of each bill. While each bill’s pattern is different, the presence of the figure endures. Dörfelt says that the figure could be seen as a creature celebrating the amount of money on the bill–or it could be interpreted as something darker

6.) Bitcoin Is Not Real Currency, It’s ‘Nothing Like Gold’ – Currency Expert

“Cryptocurrencies are nothing like gold,” Steve Hanke, professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, told Kitco News in a phone interview Thursday.

“At present, they are just speculative assets… they are unstable units of account and that’s why they’re not currency,” he explained.

But, unlike gold, these alternative coins have seen extreme volatility — some posting quadruple-digits gains since the start of the year. For that reason, Hanke said they are unsuitable substitutes to the yellow metal…

Under the Radar

7.) Jan Poynter designs third coin for the Royal Canadian Mint

Artist Jan Poynter has designed her third coin for the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) and the $15 lilac blossom silver coin is now available at the Mint’s online store.

After the popular RCM cherry blossom coin appeared in April 2016, Poynter was asked to submit a second blooming tree design in the Celebration of Spring series.

Her colourful Preston lilac design won the competition…

8.) 150th birth anniv of Bapu’s spiritual guru: Modi to release coin, stamp

Prime minister Narendra Modi will release a commemorative gold coin and stamp in honour of Shrimad Rajchandraji, the spiritual guru of Mahatma Gandhi, on June 29 to mark the latter’s 150th birth anniversary. The event will take place at Gandhi Ashram

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert9.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):


We have received information from dealers that the two suspects below have been in Iowa and Tennessee. The suspects have traveled and visited shops in Utah, Tennessee and Iowa. However, at this time there have been no warrants issued. Based upon their actions the two try to become friendly with dealers and use that to their advantage to take coins.

Male suspect in 2017 coin shop theft, courtesy Doug Davis at NCIC Female suspect in 2017 coin shop theft, courtesy Doug Davis at NCIC

If any dealer has come into contact with these individuals please notify.


New York City

New York City Police are investigating a burglary which resulted in the loss of a complete set of Morgan dollars. The set was housed in a Dansco album and described as uncirculated DMPLS except for the 1893S and 1889CC, which were very fine. NYPD case #2017-049-3691. Det. Colon (718) 918-2000.


The following note has been reported stolen: $1.00 Silver Certificate Educational Note PMG AU50 31573924.


This Thailand 50 Baht 1951 gold coin was sent by DHL from Echerdingen, Germany to Oslo, Norway 10th of May 2017.

Last tracking in Hamburg on 11th of May.

Thailand 1951 50 baht. Image courtesy NCIC Reverse, Thailand 1951 50 baht. Image courtesy NCIC

If you have any information please contact Jan Olav Aamlid at [email protected] or +66 81 845 5404.

Contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis if you have any questions or information about any of the cases above. You can reach him at (817) 723-7231 or email him at [email protected].

* * *

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


10.) Williamson pawn shop alerts cops to phony coin seller

Jude reportedly told law enforcement officers that he had purchased the counterfeit coins from China for $1.59 each. After receiving the coins, Jude allegedly visited numerous businesses in an attempt to sell the fake coins for $10 to $15 each

11.) $1,500 reward being offered for information about stolen coins in Danville

Danville (VA) Police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for a burglary on River Park Drive at Associated Services between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

More than $12,000 in coins were stolen…

Banknote News

12.) Sheng Qi’s Paintings of Money

Chinese artist Sheng Qi 盛奇 currently has his first solo show at the GX Gallery in London

13.) Madagascar Releases Notes with new Security Features

The Central Bank of Madagascar informs the public that, since the beginning of March [2017], in accordance with what was announced previously, it has strengthened the security system of the banknotes of Ar 10,000 by the presence of small Circles of orange and gray color disseminated on certain parts of the note and already visible on the cuts of Ar 5,000, Ar 1,000, Ar 500, Ar 200 and Ar 100

14.) Be More Wary and Meticulous While Checking the Authenticity of Indonesian Bills

Money Management Director of Indonesian Bank (BI) Decymus has urged the people to be more wary and meticulous while checking the authenticity of bills, especially in the run up to Eid.

“The people must see it, feel it, and see the currency through light,” Decymus stated at the Criminal Board Office (Bareskrim), Jakarta, on Friday. It goes without saying that during this time, the circulation was high and could be used by the counterfeiters to spread fake bills among the people

15.) A designer’s dream for Kurdish banknotes closer to reality than ever before

“Throughout the last 100 years we the Kurds have always been oppressed. Our country was occupied, [we were told] that ‘you have nothing, you do not have a state.’ therefore we had lost our confidence and trust in ourselves,” Mamzada told Rudaw from his design company.

“My work was meant to the Kurds in all the four parts of Kurdistan, and the Kurds in the world. I wanted to bring back this [lost] confidence through the currency [designs].”

Gold, Precious Metals & Bullion

Pallets of Gold Ingots16.) How much gold do Americans own?

Curiously, the higher an American’s household income, the less likely he or she is to pick gold as the best long-term investment — and the more likely to choose real estate or stocks and mutual funds. Gold, it seems, is the preferred investment vehicle for those who can’t afford it

17.) RUSSIA vs. USA: Where’s The Gold Going?

While the U.S. has been (secretly) liquidating its once massive official gold holdings, the Russians have be doing quite the opposite. According to the data on Smaulgld.com, the Russians have added a hefty 3,000,000 oz of gold to its official reserves since the beginning of the year

18.) Canadian Miners Fall Victim To ‘Cyber-Extortion’

A number of Canadian mining companies were targeted by a cybercrime group dubbed FIN10, which managed to steal sensitive information by using spear phishing emails and then demanded ransom in the form of bitcoins, this according to a report released by cybersecurity company FireEye.

The companies were given around ten days to make the payment and, if refused, the cyber criminals intensified their threats to release sensitive information to the public

Medals, Tokens & Exonumia

19.) Cornwall’s Canada 150 commemorative medal sells out

The nickel-plated medal depicts the Canada 150 logo in the centre and “Canada/1867-2017” around the rim. The opposite side features the Clock Tower in Lamoureux Park in the centre as well as “Cornwall Ontario Canada/1784-2017” around the rim.

According to Bob Peters, CED division manager, a second run of the Canada 150 commemorative medal is expected to arrive around July 1…

Treasure & Archaeology

20.) Antique Silver coins found in Bharatpur river bed

While digging up the dry river bed of Banganga river in Bhusavar in Bahratpur district, people found old time silver coins bearing image of King George. The news spread like fire and people from nearby villages also reached the site to grab these silver coins. Many people have been ‘fortunate’ enough to find coins. The place bore a competition like scene where people wanted to grab as many coins as possible

21.) Rare gold coin on repose technique unearthed in Chhattisgarh

There’s a unique technique of repose used on coin which is important with Chhattisgarh’s perspective as coins in silver and copper had been found earlier but finding repose in gold is very significant, Singh said adding that it is believed these coins were used as currency in the region


22.) 2,000-year-old Roman gold coin discovered at Lincoln bypass dig

Copper coins turn up regularly across what was the Roman Empire; these coins were used to pay legionaries their salaries – the ‘salt money’ that bought the little extras to supplement their basic rations.

A gold coin, though, would be something different…

23.) Romanian police recover Dacian and Roman coins stolen from Hunedoara fortresses

The four Czech citizens allegedly “undertook unauthorized searches and took from the archeological sites of Dacian fortresses several lots of artefacts belonging to the national cultural patrimony, causing the destruction of the archeological stratigraphy of the historical monuments in Piatra Roşie, Costeşti, Blidaru and Băniţa, in Hunedoara county,” according to the Romanian police

Upcoming Auctions & Events

Museums & Exhibits

24.) Huge ‘Heritage’ exhibition to open in Poland

The oldest item on show is a coin from King Bolesław I the Brave’s era, who was Poland’s first monarch. He was Duke of Poland from 992 until April 1025, when he was crowned. He served as king until his death two months later. The coin is the earliest known record of the use of the name “Poland”

25.) Coins of the Realm: Heads (And Tails) of the Roman Empire on Display at Israel Museum

Gitler says the emperor’s portrait was meant to deliver a message.

“At first they are portrayed as eternally youthful, after that they are shown as senatorial figures, older with a fuller face. They thought it gave them more credibility. In the next stage the philosophical emperors appear, who are characterized by a beard and later the emperors show themselves as soldiers.”

26.) Rolling Stone’s finds join treasure at Bury’s Moyse’s Hall Museum

“Lost Property: From Private Loss to Public Gain” is an exhibition of treasure and archaeological finds from across two counties and includes items found by keen metal detectorist Bill Wyman, the Rolling Stone who has written books on the subject

Worthy Additions to Your Library

27.) Medieval European Coinage, Volume 12: Northern Italy

This volume of Medieval European Coinage is the first comprehensive survey of the coinage of north Italy c.950–1500, bringing the latest research to an international audience. It provides an authoritative and up-to-date account of the coinages of Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and the greater Veneto, which have never been studied together in such detail on a broad regional basis. The volume reveals for the first time the wider trends that shaped the coinages of the region and offers new syntheses of the monetary history of the individual cities

World of the Weird

28.) Perth Mint staff may be forced to wear work-issued bras to improve security

While a ban on particular items of clothing is yet to be imposed, the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union said it had been in contact with a number of female staff who have been told by their employer they may have to wear work-issued undergarments.

AMWU state secretary Steve McCartney said the union met with the company last week to raise concerns that such a rule unfairly targeted women and would be an unreasonable imposition

Just for Fun

29.) Which coin will melt first?

Thermal camera struggles to get accurate temperatures on metals, but the penny melts very easily, maybe 500C, while the quarter and nickel were over 1,000C!

* * *

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