CoinWeek News Wire for January 20, 2017

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CoinWeek News Wire for January 20, 2017

Brain Food

1.) Yesterday Today with Alan McRae

THIS week’s image is one of the Commonwealth Government’s first issue of bank notes, known as “superscribed notes”.

With Federation in 1901, the new Commonwealth Government was empowered under the new Commonwealth Constitution to legislate for its coin and note issues.

From 1817 up to this time, bank notes were first issued by the Bank of New South Wales and later, as they were incorporated, other private banks, as well as the Queensland Government. The note featured with this article is from the London Bank of Australia Limited, which was to play a considerable part in the superscribing of notes…

Under the Radar

2.) From Russia with love: A $10,000 Trump coin

Money, the saying goes, can’t buy love. But $10,000 will buy you the perfect Donald Trump inauguration keepsake — a coin with the words “In Trump we trust.”

3.) Armenian central bank issues 8 commemorative coins

Armenia’s Central Bank said today it has issued eight silver and gold commemorative coins.

The gold coins are dedicated to famous Armenian seascape painter Ivan Aivazovsky, prominent businessman and benefactor Alexander Mantashyan, the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Army, the 25th anniversary of liberation of Shushi (a town in Nagorno-Karabakh). The silver coins are dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Army, to prominent film director Amo Beknazaryan, to the 300th anniversary of the Armenian Mekhitarist Congregation in Venice, to the 25th anniversary of the Collective Security Treaty (CST) and 15th anniversary of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

4.) Philippine President Duterte launches ‘people-centric’ ASEAN 2017

During the launch, Duterte also unveiled the ASEAN 2017 commemorative coin and special stamp.

One side of the one-peso coin’s design features 10 stars representing the 10 ASEAN member-states and the 2017 theme. The other side shows the Rizal Monument in Manila…

5.) Time to check your change again! Britannia £2 coin with striking mistake could be worth a mint

A small batch of 2015 Britannia £2 coins have been confirmed by The Royal Mint as having a striking mistake which is likely to make them valuable to collectors.

The mistake means the Queen’s head is offset by around 150 degrees compared to the Britannia design on the reverse of the coin…

The Future Is Now

6.) The Mysterious Case of Japan’s Bitcoin Trading Volumes

There have always been allegations that exchanges are pumping up the volume numbers in China. Just like in Japan, the Chinese exchanges take no fee either

7.) Techie banks on nanotechnology to disinfect currency notes

To cleanse contaminated cash and prevent the spread of deadly infections, a techie has come up with a novel solution — microbiocidal silver nanoparticle coating on currency notes.

“Currency notes are exchanged by people from all walks of life … a note changes many hands and is laced with every existing germ carrying microbe. People hardly wash their hands after touching contaminated notes,” she said.

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert8.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):


A USPS package being shipped within the state of Florida has been reported lost/stolen.

The package contained the following coins:

  • Ecuador 1899 10 Sucres BU
  • Great Britain 1887 5 Pounds “Jubilee” BU
  • Great Britain 1820 1 Sovereign BU
  • Great Britain 1798 1/2 Guinea XF/AU
  • Great Britain 1911 1 Sovereign PROOF
  • Hungary 1908 100 Korona original Striking BU
  • India-Madras Presidency 1 mohur ND (1820) AU
  • Peru 1863/2 8 Escudos BU
  • Spain 1791-M 4 Escudos AU
  • Sweden 1920 5 Kronor BU

* * *

Contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis if you have information about any of the cases above. Please call at (817) 723-7231 or email him at [email protected].

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.

Banknote News

9.) New Lunar New Year bills run out in Hong Kong

At the HSBC branch in Mong Kok, a mostly older crowd clutched red envelopes as they left the bank, which ended service for new banknotes at around noon on Tuesday…

Treasure & Archaeology

10.) Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists Find Common Ground

Many archaeologists consider metal detectorists looters who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their labs or dig sites, but Dr. McBride has a different view.

“It’s a real ongoing debate in the profession,” he said. “To what extent do we embrace hobbyists or amateurs? You’re not going to stop them so … join them.”

Upcoming Auctions & Events

11.) Devens Monthly Coin Show

Join us this Sunday, January 22 in Devens, MA at the Devens Common Center for our monthly coin show.

Devens is only 15 miles from Westford.

Hours are 9 AM to 3 PM.

New, More Modern Location Adjacent to SpringHill Suites Marriott

75 Tables – Over 50 Dealers

Set your GPS to: 31 Andrews Parkway, Devens MA
Rte 2 West to Exit 37B Jackson Rd – 1.7 miles on Right

World of the Weird

12.) OBAMA: This was the scariest night of my presidency

Obama told the podcast that, amid the possibility of a government shutdown and default that would most likely have lowered the US’s credit rating, the administration was considering numerous options to avoid the shutdown and deal with the national debt. One of the ideas floated, Obama said, was having the US Treasury mint a coin worth $1 trillion to pay off a good portion of the debt.

“We were having these conversations with Jack Lew and others about what options in fact were available, because it had never happened before,” Obama said. “There were all kinds of wacky ideas about how potentially you could have this massive coin.”

“It was some primitive … it was out of the Stone Age,” Obama told the hosts. “I pictured rolling in some coin.”

[You can’t tell us that a giant trillion dollar coin like a Batman trophy isn’t weird. And amazing. —CoinWeek]

* * *

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