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CoinWeek News Wire for June 24, 2016


By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for June 24, 2016

The Brexit

1.) EU referendum explained: Brexit for non-Brits

2.) After Brexit, Europe faces an existential crisis

Britain’s decision to quit the EU is a seismic moment for Europe because it points to the inescapable reality that a new national politics – whose angry force was for too long simply denied by the technocrats and governing classes – really is trumping Europe’s supranational ambitions

3.) The 6 Biggest Consequences of the U.K.’s Brexit Vote, So Far

While many voters believed they were voting against immigration and E.U. regulations, there will be no change in these policies for at least two years but they have set in train a series of consequences which will dominate public life in the U.K. for the foreseeable future

4.) Scotland Seeks Independence Again After U.K. ‘Brexit’ Vote

Scotland’s government began moves Friday to hold a new referendum on independence from the U.K. after the “Brexit” vote, saying it faced being taken out of the European Union against its will

5.) What European Country Could ‘Brexit’ Next?

[W]e should stop calling it ‘Euroskepticism.’ It’s really ‘Eurohostility’—and it won’t go away even if Britain votes to stay in the E.U

Brain Food

6.) Value of money is based on trust

The worth of all currencies from stone coins to Bitcoins is based on people trusting the transaction system. Just ask the people of Yap

7.) Numismatists coin a new phase in valuable collections

Kishore Jhunjhunwalla, 73, had to wait nearly four decades before he could lay his hands on a British India “twincurrency coin”, specially minted to pay World War II soldiers of the allied forces. This King George VI coin was issued in two currencies–it was worth a US dollar and two-and-a-half Indian rupees at the same time–as it was meant to be given to both Indian and foreign soldiers

8.) Coins of the Jewish War

Current Events

9.) Hundreds of Ancient Artifacts Traded without License Seized

Bronze arrowheads, coins bearing the names of the Hasmoneans rulers, special vessels for storing perfumes and hundreds of items that are thousands of years old were offered for sale in a store in the Mamilla Mall, which was not licensed to trade antiquities. All of these items were seized yesterday (Tuesday) during an operation carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Unit for the Prevention of Antiquities Robbery

10.) TD Bank faces Canadian coin counting machine class action suit

TD Bank is facing a class action lawsuit seeking $25 million on behalf of customers who used its coin counting machines, which were recently retired over concerns that they were short-changing users

11.) Congressman Steve King won’t be blocking Harriet Tubman from $20 bill

U.S. Rep. Steve King has introduced an amendment in Congress that would prevent Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist and supporter of women’s suffrage, from replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

However, the House Rules Committee agreed Tuesday night to deny floor consideration of proposal, which would have prevented the Treasury Department from spending money to redesign paper currency or coins….

Under the Radar

12.) Jaitley releases silver coin to commemorate Banda Bahadur

Minister Arun Jaitley today released commemorative silver coin to mark the 300th Martyrdom Day of Banda Singh Bahadur

13.) Big Viking weekend brings record numbers to the heritage centre

Cllr Nicholson, accompanied by her consort and avid heritage centre supporter, Cllr Christine Gray, was presented with a specially struck silver commemorative coin which replicates the style in circulation during the reign of King Canute.

The coin was struck by Viking and medieval educator and re-enactor Russ Scott. It is inscribed with the word ‘Cunetesford’, the town’s name as it was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086…

Auction Results

14.) 1920s Irish coins smash sales record

Two rare Irish coins from the 1920s smashed their estimations at a recent auction held by international specialists Dix Noonan Webb.

The bronze pieces, designed by Italian sculptor Publio Morbiducci, were created as part of a competition to select the Irish Free State’s new money in 1927…

Treasure News

15.) Is This the Oldest-Ever Coin Collection?

Archaeologists digging in Israel during this past April may have found the world’s oldest coin collection ever. The year-dates and arrangement of the ancient silver coins hints at a conscious collecting effort

16.) Marine Antiquities Scheme to launch on 21 July

A scheme to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological and historical objects found by divers and other marine users in English and Welsh waters will be launched at the British Museum in London next month (Thursday 21 July).

The Crown Estate’s Matthew Clear said: “The scheme mirrors the successful onshore recording initiative, the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which has proved hugely successful with more than one million objects recorded since its inception in 1997″…

17.) Discovery of Roman coins in Devon redraws map of empire

The discovery of a few muddy coins in a Devon paddock by a pair of amateur metal detector enthusiasts has led to the redrawing of the boundary of the Roman empire in south-west Britain.

Previously it had been thought that Ancient Rome’s influence did not stretch beyond Exeter but the find has resulted in a major archaeological dig that has unearthed more coins…

18.) Historic Roman artifact hoard to go on display at the Almonry

A HISTORIC hoard of Roman artefects will be showcased at the Almonry as part of a packed summer of events.

The Bredon Hill hoard, discovered in 2011 on the slopes of Bredon Hill, is going on display at the venue in July…

19.) Viking hoard discovery reveals little-known king ‘airbrushed from history’

Ceolwulf II of Mercia is barely mentioned in contemporary records and largely forgotten by history, only briefly described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as an “unwise King’s thane”

Crime & Punishment

20.) Rare coin stolen. Have you seen it?

A 1930 minted King George V penny was stolen during a recently reported burglary which occurred at a home in Chelona Park Drive, Sarina. The coin was stolen from a collection and was the only item taken

21.) Silver coins, jail bracelet found in stolen truck

Two men are in jail after Medford police found nearly $20,000 worth of stolen coins Tuesday in a stolen truck and a stash of heroin in a backpack

22.) £30,000 Coin Collection Stolen Near Penzance

The most valuable items from the collection were as follows:

  • 1 Queen Elizabeth II gold sovereign 1998 – £715.00
  • 1 Queen Elizabeth II gold sovereign 1979 Type 13 – £800.00
  • 1 King George V Gold Sovereign 1926 – £800.00
  • 1 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Half Sovereign 1989 – £745.00

23.) Downtown Ithaca coin shop robbed at gunpoint

Ithaca police are investigating after a coin shop in Dewitt Mall was robbed at gunpoint earlier today. Armed robbers took an unconfirmed amount of money and merchandise from Harold’s Coins

Counterfeit Cavalcade

24.) Athens man arrested for selling counterfeit silver coins

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office announced on June 23 that a Tyler Lee Morris, a 19-year-old from Athens, has been arrested on charges of selling counterfeit silver coins to an elderly man

25.) Two arrested after funny money is tracked back to printer

A routine traffic stop Sunday led to the arrest of two Jackson County men on counterfeiting charges

26.) Sales exec jailed 3 years for using fake $100 notes she printed at home

Unable to cope with her mounting debts, a sales executive printed counterfeit $100 notes at home and then used them to pay for low value items at several shops so that she could get real change, a court heard

“Good News, Everyone…”

27.) Deputy makes 4-year-old’s day with kind gesture

A little boy in Montgomery County got the surprise of his life when he came home and found a gift from a local deputy constable

28.) Donation of special gold coins will help charity’s big appeal

A charity that had a stall at Morpeth Fair Day was in for a big surprise when counting the donated coins


29.) Marko Kravos wins prestigious Golden Coin for poetry

[P]oet, writer and editor Marko Kravos is the winner of this year’s top poetry award for lifetime achievements in Slovenia. He will receive the Gold Coin Prize at the prestigious Veronika poetry prize ceremony at Celje Castle late in August

30.) Des Moines Police Selling Coins to Help Fallen Officers’ Families

The Des Moines Police Department started a new campaign to help the families of two fallen officers.

The department has created coins that honor officers Susan Farrell and Carlos Puente-Morales. The two were killed in a crash in March involving a drunk driver…

31.) War medal found in Porthcawl field presented to family 100 years on

A war medal found in a field in Bridgend county has been returned to its rightful owners almost a century after it was awarded. It was found in a farmer’s field in Porthcawl by a team of metal detecting enthusiasts

Banknote News

32.) 2016 Happy Birthday Currency Note

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) is pleased to introduce the 2016 Happy Birthday Currency Note, featuring a Series 2013 $1 note with a serial number beginning with “2016xxxx”

33.) No new 100, 500 baisa notes this Eid in Oman

In the Sultanate of Oman and some other Arab countries, people greet little children and relatives by giving them (Eidiyah) a portion of unused currency notes

34.) New 20 Peso-Bill from the Central Bank of Colombia

From Thursday, June 30, 2016 the Bank of the Republic of Colombia will introduce to the market the new $20 (20 peso) bill, the second of the new banknote family

Upcoming Auctions & Events

ANS News

35.) ANS Summer Seminar 2016

The annual influx of graduate students filing through the headquarters of the ANS has begun! For the 62nd year, the Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar in Numismatics offers a unique opportunity for hands-on experiences with our collections, interactive lessons, and guest lecturers. This year, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Klaus Vondrovec, Curator of Ancient Coins at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, as our Visiting Scholar, who will guide students through the methods, theories and history of numismatics over an eight-week time period. Our eight students hail from the University of Oregon, Brown University, University of Texas – Austin, University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, ISAW/NYU, Columbia, and Freie University – Berlin. The coin boot camp schedule is available to view – see what the students are learning!

36.) New Member of the Curatorial Department

The ANS is delighted to welcome Vivek Gupta to the Curatorial department, where he will work on the collection of Islamic and South Asian coins. Vivek holds graduate degrees (M.A. and M.Phil.) from the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, and, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University. Previously, he held positions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Department of Islamic Art), the Freer|Sackler Galleries, and the Jaipur City Palace Museum. His research has been supported by fellowships from the Social Sciences Research Council, Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. State Department. He also received a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship for India.

37.) LOD for Numismatic LAM Integration

The ANS has been involved in the publication of numismatic databases and dissemination of such materials following Linked Open Data (LOD) methodologies since 2011

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