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CoinWeek News Wire for May 27, 2016


By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for May 27, 2016

Brain Food

1.) There is help for stranded currency

Did you recently arrive home from abroad with foreign bills and coins in your pocket?

If so, they need not sit around your home for the rest of your life as a reminder of unspent opportunities in foreign lands…

2.) Facts: The Cost Of Minting A 10 Rupee Coin

You may know a lot about your investment, about your expenditure and various other things. However, do you know about your bank notes and coins that your cherish

worldcurrency3.) Ancient coins shed light on links between Kerala, Kongu lands

Numismatic evidence on the close ties which existed between Kongu lands (Eastern Palakkad, Coimbatore, Salem and parts of Karnataka) and Kerala in the late medieval period onwards has been brought to light

4.) Meet the New Eritrea Nakfa Bank Notes

The new Nakfa notes have similar designs but less color contrast than the old notes. With some added security features, the new currency notes have a printing date of 24 May 2015 while the 100 Nakfa bills are printed on 24 May 2011

5.) Internet offers answers to playground discovery

Many years ago when I lived in Germany, my then six-year-old son found a coin buried in the dirt on a playground and brought it home. It obviously was old, but had no date or inscription that I could read

World of the Weird

6.) Weird World Currency

Parmigiano-Reggiano is a type of Parmesan cheese that takes two years to mature and in the meantime local dairy farmers can find themselves with little or no cash flow. Italian Bank Banco Emiliano accepts the cheese as collateral for a personal loan, giving farmers the cash injection they need until they can sell their wares.

If farmers default on the loan the bank sells the cheese, which is valued at $300 per wheel. The Bank’s vault, containing $187 million worth of cheese, has been hit by would be cheese thieves three times, most recently in 2009…

7.) What happens to the coins in the fountain at the St. Louis Galleria?

It’s one of those random things we learn at a pretty young age. Toss a coin into a fountain and make a wish.

The thing is, when you toss that penny into the fountain at the Saint Louis Galleria. A wish comes true for someone else…

Just for Fun

8.) SECOND CUP: See a penny, Pick it up, All day long you’ll have good luck

WTXL’s Christine Souders and Meteorologist Max Tsaparis talked about this omen on Second Cup. Both don’t really agree with the luck of pennies, especially when it comes to playing games with pennies

9.) Primary School pupils create their own wonderful worms for Christian Aid

Schoolkids put a bit of healthy competition into their fundraising efforts as they battled to create the longest ‘coin worm’

10.) Pranksters Ginger Cal & Friends strike again – watch shoppers try to pick glued coins

The boys who brought you the “Slippy Cash” banknotes on a string prank decided to try another money trick outside a Howdon Nisa

The Future Is Now

11.) Can Bitcoin Uber The Fed? Gilder Says Gold Standard Is Coming Whether Central Banks Want It Or Not

Reading all this wisdom is useful, even bracing. But getting that insight comes at a cost … It’s frustrating to read the truth and yet live in a world full of both monetary and theoretical distortion….

policebitcoin12.) Bitcoin Companies Aid NY State Police In Deep Web Bust

Thanks to the help of several undisclosed Bitcoin companies – most likely exchange platforms – the Suspicious Activity Review Team was able to identify the destination for these Bitcoin amounts in the form of a deep web marketplace. An undisclosed amount of narcotics was seized during the arrest of this individual, whose name has not been officially disclosed

Treasure News

13.) Roman coin hoard auction price leaves finder shaken and speechless

Other detectorists believed something lay in the field, but Mr. Hughes decided to dig down a bit further than others

14.) Bridegroom discovers Anglo-Saxon penny from the reign of Mercian King Offa in fields near Stockbridge

A LUCKY treasure hunter, who is just months away from getting married, is set for a £5,000 windfall after he discovered a rare coin in a field near Stockbridge.

The soon-to-be bridegroom, who did not want to be named, uncovered the 1,200 year-old Anglo-Saxon penny while out and about with a metal detector…

Rival Banks in Libya

15.) Battle of the banknotes as rival currencies are set to be issued in Libya

Diplomats fear chaos as two central banks threaten to circulate their own dinars with separate security details and watermarks

16.) Parallel Central Bank of Libya prints new banknotes in Russia

The eastern Central Bank of Libya said today it will put new banknotes of 20 and 50 dinars into public circulation, a step that would complicate the political and financial situations and deepen split in the country

More Current Events

17.) No More Prices Ending in 99 Lipa?

The one- and two-lipa coins have become too expensive to produce and have actually not been produced in the past six years. No one but marketing people sees a point in them

18.) Australian Tax Office Declares War On Bullion

bullionwarThe Australian Tax Office has started aggressively auditing Australian bullion dealers. One smaller dealer who had their own range of bullion rounds manufactured has taken the drastic decision to close their business

19.) Arkeyo Looks at Why Your Local Bank’s Coin Machine Is Miscounting Your Kid’s Change

NBC’s Today Show and other National News organizations have covered the story of TD Bank’s Penny Arcade miscounting coins, but no one is asking “how did it miscount?” The easy answer is that the TD machines used small bags to collect the coins inside the machine, and bag machines won’t work for self-service coin machines

20.) $1, $5 coins to be pulled out of circulation- Central Bank Governor

One dollar and five dollar coins are to be pulled out of circulation soon, Bank of Guyana Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga announced on Monday.

No date has been set…

21.) It’s Time to Switch From a Paper Dollar to a Dollar Coin

Now that the government is remaking our currency to recognize the diverse array of cultural leaders that have shaped our modern society, we can have an overdue discussion on how to modernize our currency to maximize its economic value

22.) Fans gather for Play School 50th birthday sing-a-long to mark coin collection

There was a bear at the Royal Australian Mint on Sunday, and a chair as well. There were people with games, and 50 years of Play School stories to tell…

23.) Bullion dealer creates In/Out gold ‘coin’ to help Britons still undecided on how to vote in EU referendum

A bullion dealer which sells gold, silver and platinum medallions and bars to investors with anything from £10 to £1 million or more to invest has created an In/Out gold ‘coin’ to help Britons still undecided on how to vote in the EU referendum

24.) Time for Virtual Coin Shows

Now is the time for the ANA and any other organizations that provides educational sessions to consider adding online access to their shows

Museums & Exhibitions

royalmintexhibit25.) Coining It – The New Royal Mint Experience

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the press day for the new Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, South Wales. The attraction, run by Continuum Attractions, celebrates the rich heritage of the Mint and the importance of coins throughout history…

26.) ‘The Circle of Mothers Project’ kicks off the season at Gallery Josephine

Each of the six paintings in the exhibit depicts a mother with the image of a U.S. coin as a circle framing the woman’s portrait. The coin images include the words “Liberty” and “In God We Trust,” the writing found on all U.S. coins

27.) New ‘Swiss Finance Museum’ to open in 2017 in Zurich-West

Wertpapierwelt’ is the museum run by the charitable Foundation Collection of Historical Securities, an initiative of Six. The collection comprises around 10,000 historical shares and bonds from more than 150 countries

28.) New temporary exhibition of thalers from Transylvania

The National Museum of Hungary invites you to visit the newest temporary exhibition to be opened on 6 June, 2016 … where a unique collection of 216 thalers and medals issued by 13 princes of Transylvania will be presented

29.) An ancient coin display at Sialkot reveals a lot about culture

The centuries-old coins, currency notes and stamps of at least 195 countries were displayed for public viewing

30.) Museum could step in to buy rare coin for town

A rare Roman silver coin believed to date back more than 1,600-years-old has been discovered in St Neots. The pierced silver object is thought to be more than 1,600-years-old and was discovered in a field in Eaton Ford on May 5

Counterfeit Cavalcade

31.) The easy guide to spotting fake bank notes

Traveling to a foreign destination can be really hard – aside from the logistics of getting there, you have to contend with things like language barriers and etiquette.

After all the other considerations, few of us have the time to stop and think about whether the money in our hands could be fake…

Numismatic Crime

32.) BCSO searching for suspect in coin burglary case

According to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a burglary complaint at a residence on North Lagoon Drive, Panama City Beach on April 17, 2016

33.) Ex-Derzon Coins operator ordered to pay estate $1.2 million

A judge, saying Lori Laatsch’s actions were “nothing short of despicable,” has ordered her to pay $1.2 million to the estate for the family that owns Derzon Coins for trying to use the Derzon assets as her “own piggy bank”

34.) $250,000 collection of paintings, stamps and coins stolen from Sydney house

Among the items taken were the stamp collection valued at $150,000, two oil paintings valued at $32,000, a coin collection valued at $20,000, antiques and jewellery

Under the Radar

35.) Long queue for special coins worth it

RETIREE Jang Eng Koon braved the rain to get commemorative coins issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to mark the 50th anniversary of Yayasan Sabah.

Jang, 69, turned up at the bank’s Penang branch in Light Street, George Town, at around 9pm. He was among the long line of people who chose to wait overnight for the coins…

libertyseatedbowers36.) Poppy Appeal’s rare 2p piece worth £1,350

A POPPY Appeal organiser in Malmesbury nearly destroyed what he thought was a fake silver 2p coin when he was counting up the proceeds last year – but now he has been stunned to find it is actually worth tens of thousands of times its face value

Worthy Additions to Your Library

37.) Whitman Publishing Releases New Bowers Book on Liberty Seated Silver Coinage

Today Liberty Seated coins are growing in popularity among U.S. coinage series, with many enthusiastic collectors and students. The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is among the hobby’s fastest-growing specialty groups. Leonard Augsburger, vice president of the club, who wrote the Guide Book’s foreword, stated that “Q. David Bowers offers both beginning and experienced numismatists a fresh perspective on collecting these fascinating silver coins”

38.) Book on Collecting Coins in Retirement

Whitman Publishing has released a 256 page softcover book named “Collecting Coins in Retirement: An Action Guide and Estate Advice for Hobbyists and Their Families”, by Tom Bilotta

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