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CoinWeek News Wire for November 11, 2016


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CoinWeek News Wire for November 11, 2016

Current Events

1.) Some Central Florida toll booths not registering $1 coins

Central Florida Expressway Authority officials said they weren’t aware of the problem until Channel 9 brought it to their attention

Under the Radar

2.) Commemorative Singapore Botanic Gardens coin unveiled

A commemorative coin showcasing iconic features of the Singapore Botanic Gardens was unveiled on Friday (Nov 11) in celebration of the addition of the gardens into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

3.) New Indian Currency Includes 2000 rs Note, 1000 & 150 rs Coins

4.) Special coin placed under memorial to sailors lost at sea

A SILVER coin with special significance has been placed under a new memorial in Weymouth dedicated to Merchant Navy sailors who lost their lives at sea.

Before the memorial was hoisted into position on its plinth a silver coin that had been minted from the bullion cargo of a sunken World War Two merchant ships was placed underneath it…

5.) Scottish artist designs special Royal Mint Remembrance Day coin

A Royal Mint designer from North Lanarkshire has been selected to design a special coin to mark Remembrance Day.

Thomas Docherty, who is originally from Bellshill, is the fourth designer to be selected to create the commemorative £5 coin for the Royal Mint…

6.) Mint of Finland to manufacture circulation coins for the Central Bank of Bolivia

Mint of Finland and the Central Bank of Bolivia have reached a two year agreement for the manufacturing of Bs5 denomination circulation coins. The contract concerns the production and delivery of 88 Million pieces, and the deliveries will occur in 2017 and 2018. The Central Bank of Bolivia is a new customer to Mint of Finland.

CEO Jonne Hankimaa comments on the significance of the agreement: ”This deal is important for us. We have further strengthen our position in South America and we are very happy about this new customer.”

Mint of Finland Group generates revenue in three business areas: blanks, circulation coins and collector coins. The Group operates in three different countries and delivers blanks and circulation coins to central banks and mints globally. The company also offers collector coins to retailers and to consumers interested in gifts and collecting, via its online shop. The company is owned by the Republic of Finland.

The Future Is Now

7.) IRS agrees to major cryptocurrency strategy overhaul following audit

[T]he overwhelming majority of digital currency users have to work hard work to stay compliant. Finding the Fair Market Value and the Basis of each payment made with digital currencies can easily become overwhelming for bitcoin users who use it as a currency instead of a long-term investment….

Banknote News

8.) Malawi introduces 2,000 Kwacha banknote

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) has introduced a 2,000 Malawi kwacha banknote to try to ease desperate cash shortages

9.) Rupee One note revived due to better use of technology

The cost of printing Re 1 notes at the SPMCIL has come down from Rs 1.14 per unit to 78.5 paise due to better use of technology….

10.) Macedonian 2,000 Denar banknotes to be released in December

As of December 15, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBRM) will release banknotes of MKD 200 and MKD 2,000 and withdraw the MKD 5,000 banknote from circulation

11.) Is this new Rs2,000 banknote from RBI? Twitterati seems to think so

Twitter is abuzz with images of several bundles of pink-and-white notes posing as the new Rs 2,000 denomination that the Reserve Bank of India reportedly intends to release into circulation soon. According to an October report, RBI has already completed preparations for introducing this high-value note into the Indian market soon

12.) No, Rs 2000 note won’t have nano GPS for tracking but it may have RFID

Details on this are scarce but there is a possibility that the Rs 2,000 note may have an RFID tag inside them. But even that is just a possibility. It is not a surety

13.) Mangalyaan money: India celebrates Mars Orbiter Mission on new banknote

Three years (and five days) after it was launched to circle Mars, India’s first interplanetary probe is now entering circulation on the back side of the country’s new banknote.

The Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday (Nov. 8) revealed the new bill, part of the “Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series” of banknotes, which features an illustration on its reverse of the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mangalyaan or Mars Orbiter Mission that was launched on Nov. 5, 2013. The bill has a face value of 2000 rupees (about $30 U.S.), making it India’s highest denomination of currency…

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert14.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):

Residential Burglary

Detectives with the St. Paul, MN Police Department are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of the following items:

Anyone with information about the case above should contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis at (817) 723-7231 or [email protected].

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


15.) UPSO arrests one, searches for another in theft of $11,000 coin collection

The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office (UPSO) has arrested one suspect in connection with a theft of an $11,000 coin collection.

Brandi Parks is charged with felony theft, but Jonathan Kraemer is still on the loose.

CrimeStoppers is offering a reward for information leading to Kraemer’s arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 368-3124.

Counterfeit Cavalcade

16.) Grey OPP hosting counterfeit money detection seminar

Grey County OPP, together with the Bank of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), will be hosting a ‘Bank Note Counterfeit Detection Training’ session on Nov. 22 in Owen Sound.

Businesses, together with the general public, are invited to attend this free training session…

17.) Police launch probe into reports of fake Hong Kong $1 coins

The police department said its commercial crime bureau is investigating reports that counterfeit HK$1 coins are circulating in the city.

This came after Leung Kam-shing, convenor of the North District Parallel Imports Concern Group, wrote about a personal experience on his Facebook account on Sunday…

18.) Fraudster ordered thousands of fake £2 coins from China to sell at car boot sales

A FRAUDSTER ordered thousands of fake £2 coins from China to sell at car boot sales, a court was told.

Andrew Gilbert admitted ordering 5,000 counterfeit £2 coins to be delivered on a cargo flight run by DHL from Shanghai to Heathrow Airport when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court

Treasure & Archaeology

19.) Get a gold coin from 300-year-old Gulf shipwreck for $2,000 to $9,000

A New Orleans investment firm has begun marketing gold coins from a 300-year-old shipwreck discovered off Florida’s coast.

Blanchard and Company is one of two dealers offering the coins from an area where 11 treasure-laden ships of a Spanish fleet were smashed onto reefs by a hurricane on July 31, 1715. The other dealer is California-based Monaco Rare Coins

20.) Judge: ex-deep sea treasure hunter Tommy Thompson deceptive about coins

A federal judge says an ex-deep sea treasure hunter is faking memory problems and intentionally deceiving authorities about the location of missing coins minted from gold from an 1857 shipwreck

Medals, Tokens & Exonumia

21.) International success for Burnham soldiers

Each team member was awarded their own Cambrian Patrol gold coin as well as one gold medal which will be displayed at the unit’s headquarters

22.) Congressman buries Challenge Coin at Marine’s grave

A private moment between a congressman and the family he’s fought over a decade for brought smiles and kind words by the grave of a man who died 16 years ago

23.) From the ashes of the Quebec City armoury fire to coin of honour

Melted copper from ruins turned into commemorative coins for Voltigeurs

Upcoming Auctions & Events

“Good News, Everyone…”

24.) Public’s generosity keeps coin hoard in Yorkshire

Donations of more than £44,000 have allowed the largest ever Roman hoard ever found in the north to stay in Yorkshire.

The cache of 1,858 Roman coins was found by detectorist David Blakey near the village of Wold Newton, in East Yorkshire, in 2014.

The copper coins would have been the equivalent to a legionary’s annual salary – and could have bought 2,000 of the best fish or 11,000 pints of beer…

Just for Fun

25.) How a Philly artist turns loose change into stunning jewelry

Stacey Lee Webber, 34, of Philadelphia’s Frankford section: She’s cashing in on an unusual niche, transforming pennies, dimes, and quarters into sculptures, striking wall art, and stylish jewelry

26.) Engraver creates incredible artworks of famous faces on coins

STUNNING pictures and video have revealed miniature works of art that have been hand engraved into coins

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