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CoinWeek News Wire for November 18, 2016


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CoinWeek News Wire for November 18, 2016

Brain Food

1.) The priceless legacy of P.L. Gupta

We owe a great debt to coin collector P.L. Gupta, whose career continues to shape the study of the monetary and numismatic history of India

2.) A Brief History of the Racketeer Nickel

[T]he Deadwood nickel is only worth about 10 cents because of its poor condition, but that’s not the point. What makes the Deadwood coin special is that it may be the only racketeer nickel to actually show up in an archeological dig

3.) Silbannacus: the Roman emperor that time forgot

During the 1930s, British Museum curators came across a baffling discovery – a Roman coin depicting an enigmatic emperor whose identity was entirely unknown. Professor Kevin Butcher examines the mystery of the Roman emperor lost to history

4.) Ramen noodles supplanting cigarettes as currency among prisoners

Ramen noodles are supplanting the once popular cigarettes as a form of currency among state prisoners, but not in response to bans on tobacco products within prison systems, finds a new study.

Instead, study author Michael Gibson-Light, a doctoral candidate in the University of Arizona School of Sociology, found that inmates are trying to figure out ways to better feed themselves as certain prison services are being defunded…

5.) Here’s A Quick Guide To Help You Identify The Real Notes Of ₹500 and ₹2000 From The Fake

Although, the new currency is said to be very hard for anyone to copy, it is always good to know what makes it unique and learn about its security features

Under the Radar

6.) Central Bank of Kuwait re-issues first Kuwaiti coin ‘baiza’

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) has re-issued the first Kuwaiti coin currency baiza, as a souvenir coin, 130 years after the first issue date. One surface of the coin includes the word “Kuwait” with the original issue date, while the other surface has the signature of former Kuwaiti leader Sheikh Abdullah II bin Sabah Al-Sabah

Banknote News

7.) New banknote to feature image of Papuan hero

For the first time since Papua and West Papua provinces (then collectively called Irian Jaya) became an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia in 1963, a picture of a hero from the country’s easternmost region will soon grace banknotes issued by Bank Indonesia.

“The image of Papuan hero Frans Kaisiepo has been set as the main image on the front of the Rp 10,000 [75 US cents] bill and this is the first time the face of a hero from Papua will be the main image of a rupiah banknote,” the head of BI’s Papua office, Joko Supratikto, said in provincial capital Jayapura on Thursday…

8.) Bond Notes: Rights Lawyers Take Mugabe to Court

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) approached the High Court Tuesday seeking an order to stop government from introducing bond notes

malawik20001.) Malawians name new K2000 bank note after Donald Trump

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) this week announced of the new bank note which is slated to start circulating by 19 December 2016.

But the social media has been awash with a funny nomenclature of the note over the US new leader. The note is being called ‘Chi Trump’…

9.) No time to add new security features in notes, says Indian official

An official explained that changing the security features is a huge exercise and takes between five and six years. The last time such an exercise was undertaken was in 2005

10.) Kazakh leader appears on banknote as personality cult flourishes

Kazakhstan’s central bank unveiled a new banknote on Tuesday featuring for the first time the portrait of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, a fresh element in the flourishing personality cult of the 76-year-old leader.

The 10,000 tenge (about $30) bill will enter circulation from December 1 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the former Soviet republic’s independence, the central bank said…

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert11.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):

Residential Burglary

Detectives with the St. Paul, MN Police Department are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of the following items:

* * *

Residential Burglary

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office in Chinook, MT is investigating the theft of a large number of slabbed PCGS and NGC $20 gold pieces. Contact Deputy Sheriff Travis Peck (RE: COIN THEFT) at (406) 357-3260 if you have any information about the whereabouts of these coins.

* * *

Rare Error Coins

The following rare error coins have been reported stolen in the California area.

  1. No Date Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65. Serial No. E14516/22052557
    Double Struck 50% Off Center on a Quarter Planchet “S” Mint
  2. 1973-S Kennedy Half ANACS Proof-64. Serial # 323890 (old small white plastic holder)
    Proof Double Struck (2nd strike about 25% Off Center)
  3. No Date Peace Dollar NGC MS-62. Serial No. 1999493-008
    Double Struck 2nd Strike 80% Off Center
  4. 197x-S Ike Dollar PCGS Proof-64. Serial No. E11101/09454570
    Double Struck on 2 gram. Aluminum Planchet
  5. No Date Eisenhower Dollar NGC Proof-65 BN. Serial No. 2087278-012
    Struck on a Cent Planchet 3.12 grams

* * *

Anyone with information about any of the cases above should contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis at (817) 723-7231 or [email protected].

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


12.) Fake bank notes warning in Worcester

Police have issued the alert after two recent attempts to use fake bank notes at a supermarket in the Arboretum and Claines Safer Neighbourhood Team area.

One was a “Scottish Bank” note and the other a “Bank of Ireland” note…

13.) Son dumped father’s coin collection into CoinStar machine for crack money, police say

The coins, worth $8,000, were reported stolen on October 11th. Police say Rinaldi told them he stole the coins, took them to a CoinStar machine at a Stop and Shop and received approximately $60 for them. He then told police he used the money to buy crack cocaine. Police say he has a lengthy criminal record and was living at home with his father at the time of the theft

Treasure & Archaeology

14.) Surprisingly Affordable Shipwreck Coins

shipwreckWhile shipwreck coins are not for every collector, they hold a special place for many. Not matter which era or region the coins hail from; they are pieces of history and remnants of the past.

Fortunately, there are still pieces of a time long ago that fit every budget…

15.) Britain is in the middle of a treasure-hunting boom

BRITAIN is turning into a nation of treasure hunters. In both 2014 and 2015 there were over 1,000 reported “treasure finds”, the most since records began. (The figures exclude Scotland, which keeps track of its own loot.) Two-thirds of the finds dated from before 1500, including a smattering from the Bronze Age. The rise in the number of discoveries reflects a growing interest in tramping around in muddy fields with metal detectors.

But legal changes may also be playing a part…

16.) ‘Monumental’ hoard of Civil War coins unearthed in Lincolnshire

More than 1000 silver coins, buried during the English Civil War, have been found near Ewerby in Lincolnshire

Medals, Tokens & Exonumia

17.) Finder of $1,000 ‘lucky’ penny reveals how he found the rare coin

Haley was searching for a penny in Freedom Park about two weeks ago when his fiancée called to tell him that she saw a hint about the location of one of the pennies on Ally Bank’s Twitter account. Haley said the picture hinted at Cabo Fish Taco, a popular restaurant in NoDa

18.) ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ commemorative coins promote anti-litter message

It’s rare that a phrase is literally coined, but such is the case with “Don’t mess with Texas.” Now in its 30th year, the Texas Department of Transportation’s world-famous, anti-littering slogan is now available as a commemorative coin

Museums & Exhibits

19.) Central Bank of Malta special coin exhibition

A special exhibition of copper coins is currently running in Valletta at the Central Bank of Malta.

“Not Copper but Trust” traces the story and vicissitudes of the fiduciary copper coinage issued by the Order of St John in Malta, bringing together a comprehensive collection of these copper coins which were used in Malta from 1566 to 1827…

20.) Ancient Roman coins on display in Japan until Nov. 25

On Sept. 26, local newspapers in Okinawa reported the discovery of four Roman and one Ottoman coins at Katsuren Castle near White Beach in Uruma city. The news instantly made headlines throughout the world.

More than one month since the discovery, the coins are on display at Uruma-Shi Yonashiro Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan (Uruma city Yonashiro History and Folk Museum)…

21.) Art Museum Student Advisory Board opens new permanent coin collection

[Princeton] University possesses over 110,000 coins in its collection, including coins, tokens, paper money, metals, and decorations, according to Stahl. This means the University has the largest coin collection of any university in the country

torex2016Upcoming Auctions & Events

22.) Coin Show planned in Fargo

The 13th annual North Dakota State Coin Show will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19, at the Baymont Inn and Suites, 3333 13th Ave. S, Fargo.

Admission is free…

23.) Coin collectors across Northeast Kansas have a banner show weekend coming up

Coin and currency fans interested in being part of the show, can call Louis Hartness at (785) 221-5669 to get more info on the show

Worthy Additions to Your Library

24.) The Coin Yearbook 2017

Now firmly established as the best selling coin price guide in the UK this easy to use no nonsense book covers all British coins from the very earliest Celtic right up to the modern decimals – and it is still under £10

25.) Wealth and Warfare: The Archaeology of Money in Ancient Syria

This book assembles for the first time the evidence for coin finds in the region of ancient Syria from the 5th to the 1st century BCE. A full catalogue of all known coin hoards and published excavation finds serves as the basis for an explanation of monetary behavior in an area extending over parts of modern Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and Turkey. In seven chapters of analysis, Duyrat establishes the limits of what we can learn from coin circulation, to compare the data from commerce to the data from legal excavations, to try to understand the chronological evolution of coin circulation and how much political events or warfare affect it, and to evaluate what coin finds tell us of the wealth and poverty of the people who assembled them. One chapter is devoted to how the contemporary history of the countries within the scope of this study has influenced the documentation. This book determines more precisely than ever what circulated in the ancient Near East and can provide the patterns by which to evaluate the loss suffered by the cultural heritage of this region

* * *

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