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CoinWeek News Wire for October 7, 2016


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CoinWeek News Wire for October 7, 2016

Brain Food

1.) ANA Unveils Treasures In Your Pocket

In 2014 a collector discovered a 1969-S Lincoln cent in his pocket change. Upon further inspection, he realized it was a rare doubled die cent. The value of his find? $19,800…

To encourage budding coin collectors, the ANA has launched Treasures in Your Pocket, an innovative website resource that provides information to anyone embarking on a numismatic treasure hunt. Treasures in Your Pocket highlights the initial “coin hunting” steps for beginners to take, which will prepare them to recognize the subtle nuances and variations of a collectible coin…

2.) And where did future emperors take the money from?

The Roman emperor became the guarantor of the well-being of Rome’s citizens, who expected him to organise lavish games, commission extravagant buildings and always provide enough grain to assure a livelihood. For all of this he needed money, just as for the legionaries’ pay and the salaries in the imperial administration. The easiest way to raise money was war

3.) Rare coins worth more than $250,000 on show at Perth Mint

The Perth Mint will showcase three of Australia’s rarest coins for the first time.

A 1930 penny, an 1852 Adelaide pound Type I, and an 1852 Adelaide pound Type II, valued at nearly $250,000 collectively, will be on display from today until the 27th of November…

Under the Radar

sweden4.) How to get your hands on Sweden’s new coins

The Nordic nation is introducing new editions of the 100-krona and 500-krona banknotes on Monday [October 3], as well as new versions of the one-krona and five-kronor coins. A new two-krona coin is also being released, some four decades after it was scrapped in the 1970s. The current ten-krona coin will stay the same.

Swedish movie star Greta Garbo and opera legend Birgit Nilsson are depicted on the new 100-krona and 500-krona bills. The current banknotes as well as all older coins – with the exception of the ten-kronor coin – will become invalid after June 30th next year…

5.) A note and coin to commemorate Fiji’s Olympic Gold

Commemoration of Fiji’s Olympic Gold medal victory will not only be minted in coin, they’ll be a note as well. Reserve Bank Governor Barry Whiteside told FBC News that there will be a blue fifty cent coin and most likely a seven dollar note produced.

It’s understood a seven dollar bill is in the pipeline which will feature Ben Ryan and the 13 Olympians…

6.) Peru collectors coin remembers War of the Pacific with Tacna arch

Peru’s central bank has issued a new sol coin featuring Tacna’s Parabolic Arch as the final edition of its Wealth and Pride series of collectors’ coins.

The bank issued 12 million of the coins featuring the southern city of Tacna’s iconic 60-foot arch made of cantera stone erected in 1959…

7.) Pakistani Government to introduce Rs10 coin in a couple of weeks: State Bank

The SBP started receiving Rs10 coins from Pakistan Mint — the nation’s oldest mint located in Lahore’s Shalimar Town from Monday, the SBP spokesperson told The Express Tribune. However, he said, it may take another two weeks before the new coins started circulating as the central bank needed time to supply them to its 16 offices nationwide

Current Events

8.) Committees disagree on new Cumberland quarter

Two advisory committees are at odds over the final design of the Cumberland Island quarter coin set for release in 2018.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee supports a quarter depicting a loggerhead turtle swimming along the Cumberland Island coast.

Another committee with a say in the final version, the Commission of Fine Arts, is recommending a quarter with a snowy egret ready with its wings spread while perched on a branch with the saltwater marsh in the background. Ultimately, it will be up to the U.S. Treasury to make the final decision on the quarter’s design…

The Future Is Now


9.) Problems with big numbers in crypto – how Bitcoin dodged a bullet

As everyone knows by now, Bitcoin has a coin cap of around 21’000’000 coins. Each coin can be broken down into 100’000’000 satoshis, and that number can be further sub-divided in the future should the need arise. So for practical needs, Bitcoin has a final supply, and a nigh-infinite divisibility, as opposed to fiat currencies that are often nigh-infinite in supply, but finitely divisible…

Banknote News

10.) Machines are rejecting Australia’s new futuristic $5 note

Australia’s exciting plan to introduce a fresh $5 bank note has stumbled over its first hurdle — vending machines, poker machines and self service check-outs.

The revamped notes were introduced to increase ease-of-use for people with low vision and decrease the note’s counterfeit-friendly qualities. But now the machines are rising up and rejecting the practically transparent, holographic new currency…

11.) At an unusual auction in London, collectors were willing to spend thousands of pounds for plastic £5 notes

The Bank of England put up for sale 601 banknotes, which had a total face value of £9,375. Most of the auction lots were made up of the new £5 notes that were released last month, made of polymer (for the first time) and featuring Winston Churchill. What makes them so special? They are some of the first ones printed and so have low serial numbers.

The lowest available for the new fiver was AA01 000017–that’s the one that went for £4,150

Gold, Bullion & Precious Metals

12.) Implats stumped as SA platinum coin yet to materialise

IT’S been two years since former Impala Platinum marketing executive Derek Engelbrecht announced early stage plans to mint a Nelson Mandela platinum coin. Since then, while the platinum producers have managed to convince Austria to introduce a platinum coin, they have failed to do so in South Africa

Crime & Punishment

13.) Alberta RCMP search for owner of stolen coin collection

Red Deer RCMP are searching for the rightful owner of a coin collection that was recovered inside a stolen truck last month.

On Sept. 4, officers discovered the money inside a truck that had been stolen from Calgary. The truck was found in Red Deer, so police aren’t sure in which community the owners might live.

The collection includes several foreign bills and coins.

If you are the owner of the stolen collection, you’re asked to call the Red Deer RCMP detachment at (403) 406-2574 to prove ownership…

14.) Feds accuse three Valley men of jewelry and coin shop burglaries

Three Mahoning County men have been indicted for conspiring to transport explosives that could be used to crack safes.

The U.S. Attorney announced on Wednesday that Frank Michael Susany, Jr., 52, of Boardman, Ohio; Robert Thomas Courtney, Jr., 44, of North Jackson; and James Patrick Quinn, 51, of Youngstown are charged with with receipt and transportation of explosive materials, conspiracy and operation of an apparatus to interfere with the transmission of communications and signals.

Susany, Courtney and Quinn, from February through April 2013, conspired to receive and transport explosive materials that could be used to crack safes at jewelry stores and coin shops, according to the indictment…

Counterfeit Cavalcade

15.) Fake coins with Rs 40,000 face value seized at traffic stop in Dehli

During a surprise vehicle checking in North West Delhi, a Swift Dzire car was stopped at an anti-auto theft picket at Sector 11/17 in Rohini and two plastic bags containing 20 packets each filled with counterfeit Indian coins were found.

During investigation, the accused – he said – disclosed that two persons namely Sonu and Raju are running a factory at Bawana Industrial area where counterfeit coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10 are being minted. The police have detained Rajesh Kumar, the manager of the factory, and seized around 1 lakh coins. A team has been formed to nab the masterminds of the operation…

“Good News, Everyone…”

16.) Peru collection coins recognized as best in Latin America

Peru collection coins were awarded as best circulation coins at the 7th International Numismatic Convention held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on October 1st.

The Andean country claimed the title at the LatiNum Awards 2014/2015 in the Best Circulation Coin category.

Three different versions of the “1 Nuevo Sol” coin held the top three places: Los Petroglifos de Pusharo (2015), Huaca de la Luna (2014) and Catedral de Lima (2014) —listed in rank order.

All coins issued between July 1st 2014 and June 30th 2015 took part in the competition…

17.) Firman Convenio de Colaboración el Banco de México y la Cruz Roja Mexicana

On September 27, President of the Mexican Red Cross Fernando Suinaga Cardenas, Director General of the Mexican Red Cross Daniel Lozano Aguilar, and the Director General of Issue of Banco de Mexico, Alejandro Rabiela Alegre, signed a collaboration agreement that aims to improve the circulation of metallic money in Mexico and allocate resources to this worthy institution to strengthen its humanitarian work.

With this agreement signed at the premises of the Mexican Red Cross, they will install 47 boxes at various airports, border crossings and ports cruise arrivals to capture the coins who want to donate foreign visitors before leaving the country. The coins will be collected in piggy banks and deposited at credit institutions, which will result in direct savings for the Bank of Mexico in costs of minting and distribution of currency.

The two institutions invite tourists visiting Mexico to donate Mexican coins before leaving the country and thus support the organizations to better serve society.

Medals, Tokens & Exonumia

18.) Trump-Clinton Commemorative a “Hit

The commemorative Trump-Clinton campaign coin from Long-Stanton Manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio is a big hit with collectors and non-collectors alike. Since the coin’s introduction, the company has shipped thousands across the country.

The coin depicts a likeness of Mr. Trump on one side facing to the right, and Mrs. Clinton’s on the other side facing to the left.

Yes, America. It’s come to this...

Long Stanton’s sixth generation president, Marvin Cunningham, stated, “Originally we were just minting them for our customers to show our capabilities and add a little humor to the process. After we sent the Trump-Clinton coins out, the requests for more coins poured in, almost overwhelming our ability to fulfill all of the orders.”

He concluded, “Evidently, we aren’t the only people who are undecided. Hopefully the voter’s decision won’t come down to a flip of a coin, but if it does, flipping our coin could help.”

The 164-year old company’s founder, John Stanton, had minted commemorative coins for the Lincoln-Douglas campaign in 1860. It made sense to continue the company founder’s legacy by minting this Trump-Clinton campaign coin as a keepsake of such a historical election.

For more information on the Trump-Clinton commemorative coin or Long-Stanton Manufacturing visit or

Museums & Exhibits

19.) Mysteries at the Museum: Ancient coins – talk about old money!

The museum’s display of currency continues thru the end of October. This “can only be seen here” display includes a collection of 30 coins dating from 450 BC thru 1000 AD.

On October 8, John Taylor, who has loaned the museum these ancient coins and assisted with this article, will be doing a short presentation on the history of coins as well as bringing along more ancient coins from his collection…

Auction Results

20.) Ker-ching! Rare coin rings up £38,400 at auction

A tiny coin owned by an unnamed woman from Cambridge has been sold at an auction – for a staggering £38,400.

The little Chilean peso – a coin which nowadays is worth an eighth of a penny – is one of the rarest in the world…

Upcoming Auctions & Events

21.) Kolbe & Fanning Sale 143: New Online and Mail Bid Sale October 21-22

Kolbe & Fanning are pleased to announce that our 143rd sale of important numismatic literature will be held on October 21 and 22, 2016. The two-part sale will feature [a] remarkable library of American numismatic auction catalogues … buttressed by a wide-ranging library on foreign and ancient coins…

22.) Attention all pirates: head to Wellington for a chance to find your pieces of eight

They could have been held in the grimy palms of the real pirates of the Carribean, and now a Kapiti-based business is selling coins to thrill Blackbeard himself.

Mowbray Collectibles is selling 19 “pieces of eight” – the classic pirate treasure coins – in an upcoming $2 million coin and stamp auction in Wellington…

Just for Fun

23.) Coin Princess – Android Gameplay HD

Coin Princess by Zabob Studio

The game is a kind of retro trend and has dramatic story and ending!
New Horizontal RPG game!
The game is pleasant to your eyes and ear!
Coin princess!
Coin princess in coin kingdom were taken into devil’s castle by Devil.
Can Coin princess escape from devil’s castle? and avenge the devil?
Can you see ending?

* * *

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