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CoinWeek News Wire for September 16, 2016

By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for September 16, 2016

Brain Food

Pankaj Tandon

1.) Deciphering history, one coin at a time

Pankaj Tandon, an accidental numismatist, is breathing life into forgotten kingdoms and solving historical puzzles with the help of ancient currency

2.) Printing money, minting coins, refining gold

IF THERE is one single Philippine institution that affects all Filipinos, directly or indirectly, across all classes, ages, genders, occupations, every single day of our lives, I would say it is the Bangko Sentral’s Security Plant Complex (SPC).


Because the SPC is the Philippine institution that exclusively prints our money and mints our coins, which we use for our daily activities and transactions…

3.) From bartering livestock to plastic fivers: How the way we pay for things has changed over the years

Down the centuries, we have all used a vast range of materials and items to pay for things we want, and even the Neanderthals, thousands of years back, did the same.

Much of the evidence about them comes in the shape of bone and stone tools found across Asia and Europe, and instead of paper and metal money, they used the raw materials needed to make tools, when they wanted something from a seller…

The Future Is Now

dogepoop4.) The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Failures of All Time

But, it all got ruined when Dogecoin exchange Moolah went down, with founder Alex Green running off with everyone’s money. After Green shut down the exchange and disappeared with its funds, DOGE crashed, and the community all but disbanded

Treasure News

5.) Jersey coin hoard marks milestone of 55,000 coins removed

The team removing coins from the Jersey Celtic hoard have gathered more than in any other British hoard to date

6.) British Museum ‘may be misusing treasure laws’ with Suffolk find

Experts at the British Museum said it was unclear why a hole had been drilled into the coin but wanted to acquire it for their collections and said it should be declared as treasure. Mr Brooks, who had travelled from his home in Wiltshire for the hearing, told assistant Suffolk Coroner Nigel Parsley that single coins did not usually fall under the rules established by the Treasure Act.

The coin, described by Mr Brooks as “very rare”, had not become anything other than a coin through the addition of the hole, he said…

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert7.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):

Vehicle Burglarized in San Diego

A dealer, who had left the recent Long Beach Show, was the victim of a vehicle burglary when he stopped in a residential area in San Diego and left his vehicle unattended in a driveway for approximately 10-15 min. Approximately $40,000 in slabbed coins was taken.

The following is a partial list of stolen coins:

  • 1877 quarter PCGS 64
  • 1861-O half PCGS cleaned Unc Details
  • 1869 half PCGS Proof 64
  • 1938-D half PCGS 64
  • 1799 dollar PCGS 25
  • 1877-S Trade dollar NGC 62
  • 1894 dollar PCGS 35
  • 1900-S dollar PCGS 64
  • 1928 dollar PCGS 63
  • 1914 quarter eagle PCGS 62
  • 1927 quarter eagle PCGS 63
  • 1908 with Motto eagle PCGS 61
  • plus 100 other slabs.

Dealer’s Vehicle Burglarized – Houston Texas

A Houston, Texas dealer was the victim of a vehicle burglary that resulted in the loss of over $20,000 in coins. The victim had picked up the coins from his bank and was en route to a numismatic event. When the victim stopped for just a few minutes leaving his vehicle unattended, unknown suspects smashed the windows and removed the coins.

The following coins were stolen:

  • 1896 B Swiss Gold 20 Franc 3 stars in front of face MS63
  • 1913 Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder MS66
  • 1875 Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder MS66
  • 1881 Spain Gold 25 Peseta MS62
  • 1866 Australian Sydney Sovereign AU58
  • 1914-D Lincoln cent EF40
  • 1929 Standing Liberty Quarter MS65
  • 1878 8TF Morgan Dollar MS65
  • 1878 7/8 TF Morgan Dollar MS64 Strong
  • 1883-CC Morgan Dollar MS63
  • 1884-CC Morgan Dollar MS64
  • 1892-CC Morgan Dollar MS63
  • 1899-P Morgan Dollar MS63
  • 1884-O Morgan Dollar MS65
  • 1879-S Morgan Dollar MS65
  • 1893-S Morgan Dollar Fine

Possible Stolen Coins Recovered

Investigators with the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department are requesting assistance in locating a victim of a possible theft or residential burglary that involved the loss of a large collection of coins. Officers were dispatched to a residential area and arrested two suspects. The coins were located upon inventory of their vehicle. Both suspects show to be from the Fort Worth area but may have traveled to surrounding states.

The coins included a partial set of Bust half dollars, type coins, gold coins, silver bullion and several slabbed coins.

* * *

Anyone with information about either of the cases above should contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis at (817) 723-7231 or [email protected].

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


8.) Four men arrested for pawning fake Perth Mint gold bars

SINGAPORE: Four men aged between 21 and 29 have been arrested for allegedly pawning fake gold bars, police said on Wednesday (Sep 14)

9.) Drug addiction drives increase in gold thefts in Kalgoorlie

Years of job losses and cost cutting in the mining industry around Kalgoorlie, which produces three-quarters of Australia’s gold, were also contributing to a rise in thefts, said the head of the WA police’s Gold Stealing Detection Unit Detective Inspector Bill Little

10.) Perry Twp. police arrest man suspected in Pennsylvania coin theft involving nearly $100,000 in stolen coins

Perry Township police say they solved a Pennsylvania coin theft involving nearly $100,000 in stolen coins when they were called to a coin show at the local grange hall Saturday

Banknote News

11.) Mark Carney tests new £5 plastic note – video

The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, tests the durability of the new £5 note that entered into circulation on Wednesday. Carney discusses the new banknote with food stallholders on Whitecross Street market in the City of London and dunks one into a stew in front of cameras

12.) Rs 20 notes to have RBI Governor Patel sign

The Reserve Bank will shortly issue Rs 20 denomination bank notes bearing the signature of Governor Urjit R Patel.

RBI said the Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005 will have the inset letter ‘R’ on both number panels and the year of printing ‘2016’ printed on reverse of the bank note…

13.) Indonesian Gov’t to introduce new banknote designs

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo signed a presidential decree (Keppres) on Sept. 5 that lays the foundation for the new designs. The changes will affect the Rp 50,000 (US$3.8), Rp 20,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5,000, Rp 2,000 and Rp 1,000 banknotes

14.) Crikey cash! Petition to put Steve Irwin’s face on Australian bank notes gains traction

A group of teenage boys have created an online petition calling to have Steve Irwin’s face on Australian bank notes has gained a huge amount of support

Medals, Tokens & More

15.) Challenge coins help remember troops

Custom challenge coins left by Boy Scouts on the gravestone marker of veterans interred at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery are to show that they have not been forgotten.

The gesture is being made as many in the nation will pause Friday for National POW/MIA Recognition Day

16.) Troopers offer students a prize for coin designs

The Virginia State Police is working with public high school art classes on the Eastern Shore to design a “challenge coin” for the local barracks. A challenge coin, usually bearing an organization’s emblem, is traditionally awarded for achievements or carried by an organization’s members to prove membership and boost spirits

17.) New coin to be unveiled at Sept. 25 NJ FestiFall street fair

“The expanded gift coin program is part of our commitment to encourage the community to keep shopping dollars local,” said Gene Jannotti, GWACC Executive Director. “The coins will make a great gift for anyone and are a unique and more personal alternative to giving a gift card.”

18.) Solano Canyon turns 150 this month – with commemorative coins to mark the event

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, the neighborhood of Solano Canyon was founded. So a descendant of its founder has minted bronze and silver coins for the occasion

19.) Sen. Cornyn replaces military medals of late WWII POW stolen from his family in Fort Worth

Sen. John Cornyn said his father’s experience as a prisoner of war pushed him to get replacement medals recently for the family of a late World War II veteran whose medals were stolen in Fort Worth

Auction News

20.) New MD for coin specialists Baldwin’s

Coin dealers and auctioneers AH Baldwin & Sons have appointed Neil Paisley as managing director

rarepesocambridge21.) Rare coin discovered at Cambridge valuation day ‘could sell for £15,000’

One of the world’s rarest coins has turned up at a Cambridge antiques valuation day.

The 1828 Chilean peso from Coquimbo, owned by a city woman in her 70s, was spotted by John Foster, the BBC Antiques Roadshow expert – and could make £15,000 when it is auctioned later this month.

The owner, who has asked not to be named, had no idea of its importance, and a spokesman for London coin auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb said she is “astonished”.

It will go under the hammer on September 23…

Upcoming Auctions & Events

22.) Save the Date and Celebrate

Join the American Numismatic Association (ANA) on Sunday, August 6, 2017, in Colorado Springs, Colorado to celebrate the ANA headquarters’ 50th anniversary! Complementary shuttles to and from the Denver host hotel will be provided. Keep an eye out for further details at WorldsFairofMoney.com.

23.) Tucson Coin Club Hosts Show October 16

The Tucson Coin Club will be holding a Coin Show on Sunday October 16, 2016 at the Fraternal Order of the Police located at 3445 North Dodge Blvd in Tucson, AZ. Show hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM. Admission and parking are free. There will be 38 tables of dealers with US and world coins and paper money, tokens, medals, gold and silver and numismatic supplies. Several dealers will be available to buy precious metals and there will be free appraisals available. Go to www.tucsoncoinclub.com for more information.

24.) Book rarities of the Library of BCD – Part 3

Auctiones GmbH Bern eAuction #51: Duplicates of the BCD Library

25.) Dix Noonan Webb to Auction One of Scotland’s First Coins

A unique silver penny which was one of the first Scottish coins ever minted has been found by a metal detectorist after lying in a field in northern England for centuries and is to be auctioned by Dix Noonan Webb … in London on 22 September 2016

“Good News, Everyone…”

26.) Lucky Bangkok man cashes in old one-baht coin for THB140,000

A man from Bangkok became the second lucky Thai to find an extremely rare one-baht coin that collectors are chasing after.

Panun Jewelry, a rare coin shop in Rayong, recently drove the internet wild by announcing on Facebook that they are willing to pay THB140,000 in cash to anyone who possess the rare B.E. 2505 one-baht coin…

Worthy Additions to Your Library

27.) From Underground to End-Users

Between May 16 and 22, 2016, several researchers met in San Francisco and Stockton, to discuss the possible effect of mining in general and precious metal mining in particular on a country’s minting. All participants saw in their mind’s eye the silver deposits of the legendary Comstock Lode whose incredible yield once shook the monetary system in all of Europe

World of the Weird

28.) King Kong and Coin

Third time and finally completed, and the gold coin gave the layout a different effects, it certainly exceed the client’s expectation! The realistic King Kong with gold coin gives the work a more three-dimensional effect. What a surprise piece!!

29.) Numismatic

* * *

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