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CoinWeek News Wire for September 30, 2016


By Coinweek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for September 30, 2016

Brain Food

1.) The evolution of money in its many forms

In his new book The Curse of Cash, which was released on September 7, the Harvard University economist Kenneth Rogoff argues for the near-total abolition of paper money, on the grounds that technology has made it outdated, that criminals love the stuff (especially the big bills) and that it constrains the ability of central banks to impose negative interest rates.

But for the general reader, perhaps the most captivating parts of the book come when Rogoff provides context for his case by considering the history of currency and how cash is being used around the world these days.

Today, in the first of three excerpts, we go back to the very beginning…

The Future Is Now

2.) Mr. Robot Deals Frankly with Bitcoin and the Future of Money

…[T]he show reveals a grasp of technological change that few in the policy community, and fewer in government itself, display. The central issue in play with the future of money is that money is itself a technology. It is a technology for making payments (the exchange of wealth in return for goods or services) and storing value. If other technologies can provide those services better than money, then money will be replaced

Under the Radar

3.) Bank of Latvia confirms selling limited edition coin to own employees

Around 400 special collector coins lauding entrepreneurship have been sold to the Latvian central bank’s (Bank of Latvia) own employees, putting the number sold to the general public at about a mere 900 of the 3,000 coin release, reported LSM’s Russian-language service on Sept. 23, citing an anonymous source

[Click here for a statement by the Bank of Latvia on this issue. —CoinWeek]

4.) Royal Canadian Mint Issues Coin to Commemorate 75th Anniversary of Battle of Hong Kong

A special edition silver coin is marking the 75th anniversary of the Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of Canada who fought to defend Hong Kong from enemy invasion in December 1941.

The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled the 99.99% pure silver Battle of Hong Kong coin on Thursday at the Manitoba legislature…

Current Events

5.) PNG Executive Director Suspends Member Gary Tancer

Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) Executive Director Robert Brueggeman has suspended PNG-member Gary Tancer of Boca Raton, Florida “for conduct prejudicial to the PNG.”

Under PNG Bylaws, the full PNG Board of Directors now will be asked to ratify the suspension or vote for expulsion from the organization. Tancer has been a member of the PNG since 2007.

png_awardFounded in 1955, the Professional Numismatists Guild is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country’s top numismatic experts. All PNG member-dealers must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise.

For additional information, contact the Professional Numismatists Guild by phone at (951) 587-8300 or by email at [email protected].

6.) Germany’s new cultural protection law welcomed abroad

A controversial new law protecting cultural artifacts was passed in Germany in August. Assyriologist Markus Hilgert tells DW it is a vital update for the preservation of archaeological treasures from the Middle East

7.) Recognizing local iwi connections to New Zealand banknotes

THE Reserve Bank of New Zealand made special presentations in Gisborne [Friday, September 23] to recognise the Tairawhiti connections depicted on the $10, $20 and $50 banknotes.

Bank deputy-governor Geoff Bascand presented the Ngati Porou and Rongowhakaata iwi with framed first-series notes from the new-look notes…

sextraffickingcoins8.) Art exhibit at Richland College raises awareness of sex trafficking

Rose and Lefeld created plaster molds of coins and recruited volunteers to help cast 2,000 ceramic coins, one for each child in Dallas potentially sold into sex trafficking. Each coin has a face on the front that was designed by Lefeld, and Rose designed the crown depicted on the back of each coin. The coins represent the practice of using children as currency, and the exhibit name, “In You We Trust,” is a call to action for the audience to not turn a blind eye to sex trafficking

Crime & Punishment

coin_crime_alert9.) NCIC Crime Bulletin

From the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC):

Coin Shop Smash & Grab

Investigators are investigating a smash and grab burglary that occurred at Grove Coin Company in Woodbury, Minnesota.

The following coins were stolen:

  • About 1,000 pieces of Seated Liberty coinage … half dimes, dimes, quarters, halves. All Fair to VG
  • 500 U.S. Large Cents Ag to light cull, cleaned, etc.
  • 50 U.S. Half Cents 1804-1857 cull-fine
  • One Chinese Dragon Dollar XF, Bolivia 8R 1821 XF (weak strike)
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar sorter with partial rolls of every date from 1916 to 1942 including all the keys.

Anyone with information about the case above should contact the NCIC’s Doug Davis at (817) 723-7231 or [email protected].

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. P.O. Box 14080 Arlington, Texas 76094.


Banknote News

10.) Old Bromsgrove Bank note set for auction in London

A BLACK and white five pound note, produced at the old Bromsgrove Bank 168 years ago, has resurfaced in London.

The note, which was printed in 1848, is set to go up to auction at Spink & Son auction house in Bloomsbury at 10am on October 4…

11.) Bank of Tanzania to Phase Out Sh500 Notes By End of This Year

The Sh500 bank note will be phased out by the end of this year, the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) said yesterday.

The note is being replaced by the Sh500 coin, BoT banking director Marcian Kobello told The Citizen yesterday…

12.) New five pound notes selling for £200 plus – here’s how to tell if yours is worth hundreds

There are currently two things that could mark your new £5 note out as special:

  • Those that have come off the first press (with serial numbers beginning AA01) or the end of a press
  • Sequential serial numbers in a set of notes

Treasure News, Metal Detecting & Archaeology

13.) Strike it rich in fun with Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club

The couple is hoping to share their love of metal detecting, meet other enthusiasts, and introduce people to this amazing hobby. They are organizing the Highland Lakes Metal Detecting Club, which will meet at 6:30 p.m. the first Thursday of the month at the Herman Brown Free Library, 100 E. Washington in Burnet.

The first meeting is Oct. 6. And everyone, whether you have a metal detector or even know what one is, is invited to attend…

14.) Ancient Roman coins unearthed from castle ruins in Okinawa

Coins issued in ancient Rome have been excavated from the ruins of a castle in a city in Okinawa Prefecture, the local education board said Monday, the first time such artifacts have been recovered from ruins in Japan….

15.) Deadwood history gets richer with the discovery of 225 Chinese coins

The historical preservation society in Deadwood called in the experts when they found several 1800’s brass coins in the Chinatown region near main street.

The team sent photos to Margie Akin and her husband Kevin who are experts in the subject…

Bullion & Precious Metals

16.) SBI to tie-up with MMTC to sell Indian gold coins

Indian Gold Coins, promoted by the government with the national symbol Ashok Chakra engraved on it, may be available a bit easier after a couple of months as the country largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) is gearing up to market them.

SBI said it is in the process of entering into agreement with MMTC, the state-run bullion trader. At present, Indian Gold Coins are available in the designated branches of merely three banks – Indian Overseas Bank, Vijaya Bank and privately-owned Federal Bank


17.) A unique gold coin awaits customers this festive season

The unique concept here is that the company offers customized coins with the buyer’s face and nickname embossed on it to make it very personal and closed to the heart of the owner

mayoforsamtweet18.) No really, a €2 coin with ‘Mayo for Sam’ engraved on it has been found in Waterford

…[T]here are no doubt some who will interpret a recent discovery as a sign that the stars are finally aligning ahead of the All-Ireland Final replay with Dublin this Saturday.

The discovery we’re talking about is a €2 coin with ‘Mayo for Sam’ not just written on, but engraved on a coin that was discovered in Thompson’s CarryOut off-license in Ferrybank in Waterford on Friday night and sent our way by owner of the off-license, Ashley Thompson…

19.) Mike Sadler-Sam Foltz commemorative coin will be used in Big Ten games

A coin commemorating former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler and Nebraska’s Sam Foltz will be used this weekend for all seven of the Big Ten’s conference games

Upcoming Auctions & Events

20.) Lawton Fort Sill Stamp, Coin Show

Stamp and coin aficionados will converge on the Owens Multipurpose Center next weekend for the 60th annual Lawton Fort Sill Stamp Club Stamp and Coin Show.

Glenn Stebleton, organizer and chairman, said the free event will host numerous stamp and coin collectors, experts and vendors…

21.) U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association 2016 Convention and Educational Forum

Our fifth annual convention will be held Thursday through Saturday, October 6-8, 2016 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort, 6333 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona

Worthy Additions to Your Library

22.) Wealth and Warfare: The Archaeology of Money in Ancient Syria

This book determines more precisely than ever what circulated in the ancient Near East and can provide the patterns by which to evaluate the loss suffered by the cultural heritage of this region

Just for Fun

23.) 3-D Coin Art United States Flag from NSI International

3-D Coin Art United States Flag from NSI International! Holds 778 coins that total $25! Great conversation piece! Watch as TTPM teaches you how off your stars, stripes, and savings with this 3-D patriotic puzzle bank

24.) Wigton preparing to cash in on new banknote with world record bid

Last week Wigton-based Innovia opened its brand new multi-million facility which will manufacture the polymer for the Bank of England’s £10 note, due to follow next year.

To celebrate the town’s piece of history the North Allerdale Development Trust (NADT) charity have organised a world record attempt to create the biggest ever human pound symbol….

World of the Weird

25.) Massive buttocks and coin theft warning at Turner Prize 2016 Tate show

Visitors to the Turner Prize 2016 exhibition have been warned not to take any of the £20,436 penny coins which the artist tipped to win has scattered across the floor to make a statement about poverty

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