CoinWeek Streaming News: Classic Silver – the 1883-CC Morgan Dollar

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CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan hosts this episode of CoinWeek Streaming News live from our new studio.

In this episode, we show off three cool Morgan dollars that were shared with us by our friend Russ Augustin at AU Capital Management (go to to check out his current inventory).

We then go over the market levels and NGC condition census for the 1883-CC Morgan dollar and show you how to differentiate Mint State examples in grades MS62 through MS66.

The 1883-CC Morgan dollar was heavily featured in the great Morgan Dollar GSA Sales of the 1970s and ’80s. Just over 1.2 million 1883-CC Morgan dollars were struck- not a huge amount- but most did not circulate. Several bags were released between 1930 and the 1960s, but most, 755,518 to be exact, were sold in the GSA Sale. In the 1980 sale, 195,745 coins were offered at $65 each. That final allotment sold out within 10 days.

So what are they worth today? And how can you spot a nice one in the raw? Watch and find out!

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