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CoinWeek’s Mike Markowitz to Teach Seminar on Coins in the Bible at Baltimore Expo

What’s a widow’s mite?

What kind of coins were the infamous 30 pieces of silver?

What exactly was “rendered unto Caesar”?

The coins of the Bible have fascinated both the scholar and the collector for generation upon generation. A perennial and time-honored subject, the numismatic study of the Bible is especially rewarding to the faithful among us.

But, like much else in the hobby, learning your way around can appear daunting at first. To help you get started, numismatic author and CoinWeek’s very own ancient coin expert Mike Markowitz is giving an introductory seminar on the topic this Saturday at the Whitman Spring Expo in Baltimore.

Entitled “Coins in the Bible: A Non-Sectarian Introduction”, Mike’s seminar will take place at 2 pm, March 28, in Room 343 of the Baltimore Convention Center. The lecture covers both the Old and New Testaments, from the shekel of the ancient Israelites to the aforementioned 30 pieces of silver and everything in between.

There is no charge to attend the seminar. Public admission to the Expo is free.

The Whitman Baltimore Spring Expo runs from Wednesday, March 26 through Sunday, March 29. More information, including directions to the convention center, is available at expo.whitman.com.

About Mike Markowitz

markowitzMike Markowitz is “Second Consul” of the Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington and has been a serious collector of ancient coins since 1993. A historian, defense analyst, and designer of wargames, he also writes for StrategyPage and Defense Media Network. He designed the game Alexandros, which won the 1991 Charles Roberts Award for best pre-WWII wargame. He earned degrees in History from the University of Rochester, New York and Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine. He has worked as a technical writer, editor and trainer for a variety of aerospace and defense firms. Born in New York City, Mike lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

In addition, he presents his expert insights on three numismatic video features shot by CoinWeek’s David Lisot. They are: Ancient Roman Coins for Beginners, Mike Markowitz, WHIT14-001, 70:00m; Introduction to Collecting Ancient Coins, Michael Markowitz, WHIT13-003, 69:57; and Coins in the Bible, Michael Markowitz, WHIT13-009, 44:26. Mike’s videos are available for purchase at $25 each plus $4 per order for S&H at www.coinvideo.com or by emailing David directly.

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