Confederate Currency and Bonds – Pierre Fricke

5noteWith the outbreak of the U. S. Civil War in 1861, the Confederate States of America began issuing its own paper money. Over the years, seven different series of currency were issued. Counterfeiting became a significant problem for the South, as did depreciation and inflation. By the end of the war, the notes were worthless, but within the decade their collectability was on the rise.

Today, some notes can easily garner thousands of dollars. Uniquely designed and hand-signed, the paper money of the South tells the story of the new nation.

Pierre FrickeConfederate currency expert Pierre Fricke has written several book illustrating the history of the South’s money and explaining the origins of the various notes issued by the South and putting the money into historical context.

Pierre Fricke is the recognized expert on the collectability of Confederate currency.  His website ( ), ebay auctions , pricelists and  reference materials make him the source for both buying and selling Confederate currency.