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Consign Now for Daniel Frank Sedwick’s Treasure, World & US Coin Auction #22

Daniel Frank Sedwick Consign Auction 22

Consign now for Treasure, World, U.S. Coin & Paper Money Auction #22, which takes place November 1-3, 2017.

Get top dollar for your collection! If you have shipwreck coins, ingots or artifacts, or Spanish colonial & Latin American gold or silver coins, our auction is the best place to buy and sell them.

The deadline for consigning to our next Auction is August 15, 2017. Please contact us at [email protected] or call (407) 975-3325 and we’ll be pleased to discuss consignment options.

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We are constantly looking for:

  • High-grade gold and silver Latin American coins (especially large collections)
  • World Gold coins including US and early British and Dutch
  • Rare early Spanish colonial cobs (collections or single coins)
  • 1715-Fleet gold and silver dated cobs
  • Shipwreck coins and cobs in reasonable condition with original certificates
  • High-grade silver cobs & pillar dollars
  • Artifacts from shipwrecks (well documented and properly conserved)
  • Silver and gold ingots from shipwrecks
  • World Paper Money

Interested in selling your collection or individual pieces? Now is a great time to buy or sell thanks to a robust market, our expertise and integrity in Spanish colonial and shipwreck coinage, and our exhaustive marketing efforts. Every item in our auctions is well researched, cataloged and photographed, and presented in professionally printed catalogs that become important references. We take auction lots to coin shows around the country for viewing, send out promotional literature, and personally get in touch with important collectors around the world.

¡Hablamos su idioma! Our multilingual staff deals with the most important Latin American bidders and buyers on the market. We are able to travel and talk to all our Hispanic bidders and consignors, which creates a level of comfort that draws even the most cautious participants to our venue.

Para más información, favor de contactarse con nuestras oficinas y pedir a hablar con alguno de nuestro personal bilingüe.

Our auctions are known worldwide as the best place to buy and sell the kinds of coins and artifacts you love to collect or sell! We look forward to hearing from you soon to help you with your collecting or selling needs, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows AND in Orlando in November for our live floor auction.

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Check out a recent video on Coinweek where we are featured at the latest FUN Florida Numismatic Coin Show:

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Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC
P.O. Box 1964
Winter Park, Florida 32790, USA

Phone: (407) 975.3325
Fax: 407.975.3327

[email protected]


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