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Cryptocurrency NXT Payment System TXT Coins Now Prepares For Launch and Tech Conference

TXT Cash Now subsidiary TXT Coins Now is a cell-phone based micro-payment system for cryptocurrency NXT, enabling anyone worldwide to send NXT to anyone else instantly with a simple text message. TXT Coins Now is launching its service in July 2014 alongside its alt coin Escrow services for traders and local agent function. The tool uses text messages and automated phone calls to securely transfer emerging digital currencies between mobile phones. The service will also offer online and offline options to securely pay bills and deposit or pickup cash worldwide via cryptocurrencies. TXT Coins Now has been under development since 2010 as a bolt on service for mobile operators and Banks who wish to extend their services into the Mobile Payment Sector.

txtcoinsTXT Coins Now formed a ground breaking partnership with NXT two weeks ago, utilizing NXT as its dedicated and default cryptocurrency. The progressive cryptocurrency is opening its first location to accept NXT Coin in the UK, NXT Café in Shoreham By Sea, which will also be the first place to host a NXT ATM machine on the British Islands.

TXT Coins Now has been working closely with the NXT community prior to launch in the coming weeks. The result is the payexpo.com platform, which demonstrates how easy it is to use NXT Coins on the TXT Coins Now backbonep. On stage at the opening of the conference at PayExpo in London, 11-12 of June, NXT is one of the main sponsors alongside Barclays bank and a few others. Crowdfunded organisation NXT Coin joins PayExpo as the Official Cryptocurrency Partner. Pete John Manglaviti is the co-founder of CoinTropolis and NXT Coin representative together with the founder of TXT Coins Now Lee Gibson Grant. On stage at 10:30 – Next generation payments: demonstrating the real-life use of the cryptocurrency NXT. In this interactive session NXTCoin, currently ranked at number five in the cryptocharts, will show the audience how cryptocurrency is not just a technology, but a user-friendly innovation.

TXT Coins Now is a merger of PayPal, Western union and micropayment solutions rolled into one; alongside its functions of Escrow. Not only can anybody around the world use TXT Coins Now to send or receive NXT coins without Internet access or an external application, but all the functions of online merchant services and the offline local agent functions of Western Union are integrated.

The unprecedented tool allows users to send or receive NXT coins worldwide offline via SMS or Voice activation. The system is so scalable that it allows a variety of 3rd parties to interlink and use its backbone:

– Crypto exchange
– Crypto to fiat
– Large chains
– Crypto and normal fiat currency ATM machines
– Crypto and normal fiat POS systems
– Mobile Networks Bolt on
– Banking bolt on
– And many bolt on services to the high street market to enable consumers and crypto enthusiasts more places to use NXT Coin

Many more functions will be revealed at the launch of TXT Coins Now.

TXT Coins Now will also be adding the following coins as optional currency, as well as future plans to add Bitcoin:

– BTL Coin backed by environmental project www.bitenergi.com
– Scotcoin Project www.scotcoin.org due to one of the founder of TXT Coins Now being British
– Ukra Coin a project that will be launching this summer for 100% distribution to people of Ukraine

TXT Coins Now is showcasing a broad spectrum of unprecedented services in the cryptocurrency space, such as worldwide offline money transfer, integrated escrow functions and technologies to interlink 3rd parties. Cooperating with high-ranking cryptocurrency NXT Coin; the alt coin will be hosting UK´s first NXT ATM and NXT Café in Shoreham By Sea. Together TXT Coins Now and NXT Coin will demonstrate its user friendliness at the PayExpo in London: spectators can be sure to expect many more new exciting features to be revealed at the July launch.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.txtcoinsnow.com

Contact Info:
Name: Lee Gibson Grant
Email: [email protected]
Address: 5201 Blue Lagoon Office No. 913 Miami, Florida 33126
Phone: (+1) 703 291 8076
Organization: txtCASHSnow Inc.


crypto-coins that will work with txtcoinsnow

# Name Market Cap Price Available Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 5,600,462,414 $ 438.77 12,764,125 BTC
2 Litecoin $ 294,127,449 $ 10.39 28,320,804 LTC
3 Ripple $ 47,192,205 $ 0.006226 7,579,478,083 XRP*
4 Peercoin $ 44,809,605 $ 2.09 21,397,652 PPC
5 Dogecoin $ 34,921,899 $ 0.000451 77,426,556,090 DOGE
6 Nxt $ 31,066,452 $ 0.031067 999,997,096 NXT*
7 Namecoin $ 17,777,567 $ 2.03 8,748,232 NMC
8 Mastercoin $ 16,716,804 $ 29.68 563,162 MSC*
9 Darkcoin $ 11,454,190 $ 2.68 4,276,492 DRK
10 BlackCoin $ 8,407,906 $ 0.11 74,532,443 BC*
11 BitShares-PTS $ 5,782,675 $ 3.53 1,635,996 PTS
12 MaidSafeCoin $ 5,753,772 $ 0.012714 452,552,412 MAID*
13 Counterparty $ 4,857,719 $ 1.83 2,649,284 XCP*
14 Quark $ 4,306,048 $ 0.017374 247,839,817 QRK
15 Vertcoin $ 4,182,978 $ 0.97 4,298,350 VTC
16 Primecoin $ 3,667,754 $ 0.65 5,657,217 XPM
17 Feathercoin $ 3,562,443 $ 0.083131 42,853,170 FTC
18 Zetacoin $ 2,577,603 $ 0.016067 160,432,900 ZET
19 Megacoin $ 2,122,100 $ 0.090562 23,432,575 MEC
20 Novacoin $ 1,743,143 $ 2.55 684,783 NVC
21 Infinitecoin $ 1,680,626 $ 0.000019 90,542,849,085 IFC
22 YbCoin $ 1,570,341 $ 1.08 1,460,471 YBC
23 WorldCoin $ 1,465,933 $ 0.026544 55,226,412 WDC
24 Billioncoin $ 1,336,312 $ 0.000178 7,487,816,190 BIL
25 Cinni $ 1,080,098 $ 0.071964 15,008,967 CINNI*
26 MaxCoin $ 1,047,685 $ 0.052671 19,891,152 MAX


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