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Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction #13 Coming in May

Our latest auction, closing LIVE in five sessions on May 1-2 (Wednesday-Thursday), is ready for viewing online at SedwickCoins.com

Note you will need to register for this auction even if you already have an iCollector profile and bid with us in the past.

While our photos and descriptions are well beyond what you see elsewhere, we recommend viewing the lots in person if you can. We will be showing coin lots at the Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF) April 18-21 (Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare). All lots will also be available for private viewing at our office in Winter Park (by appointment only) before and after the CICF.

Printed catalogs (324 pages, full color) will be shipped starting next week. If you are not a prior bidder or on our mailing list already or you want extra copies, please click the button on our website to order the catalog.

With this auction we are proud to present the first part of the New England Collection of Brazilian coins. This expertly assembled type-collection covers some of the most difficult areas of Brazilian coins, mainly from the Bahia mint, which is by far rarer than Rio, with many finest-known pieces and unique dates and varieties. The core of this collection was acquired in the 1940s to 1970s, many handled and resold by the famous numismatist Kurt Prober. The New England Collection will be long remembered for its unique key pieces and the quality of coins that are rarely found in such nice condition. In this first offering we feature small-denomination Bahia gold, the biggest highlight being the extremely rare and finest-known 1600 reis of 1768-B in AU 58 (lot 152).

But did you see the title of this auction? We have added “U.S.” to it, for now we are including a separate session dedicated to U.S. coins in our auctions. We have always offered U.S. coins, but this time we have a large consignment from a continuing source, so we hope to expand this section significantly over the course of the next several auctions, starting with a live floor auction this fall. While treasure has always been our specialty (and there are plenty of U.S. shipwreck coins out there, by the way), the fact is that U.S. coins are extremely popular and very well researched. Note in particular the 1866-S no-motto double eagle (lot 318) and the presidential gold lifesaving medal of 1900 (lot 361). Take a close look because we just may have that date or rarity you need!

As usual, the auction starts with gold cobs, more than 90 of them, most from shipwrecks and some rather choice. In World Gold Coins we feature several finest-known colonial milled gold coins, like lots 261 and 262, a pair of Lima bust 4 escudos 1762JM in MS 61 and 1770JM in AU 58.

Ingots, as usual, are a big feature of this auction, with large silver bars from several wrecks this time (particularly Atocha and Maravillas) and gold cuts and nuggets from all over the world. Be sure to check out the 1.2-lb (troy) solid-gold disk from the Luz wreck of 1752 (lot 394).

Our Shipwreck Silver Coins section is one of the largest we have ever presented, with well over 500 lots from dozens of different wrecks. If you collect shipwreck coins, this is your main event! Note in particular a huge, 30-pound clump of 8R from the Leocadia wreck (lot 911), in addition to several large, wholesale lots.

The Silver Cobs sections of Mexico, Lima, Potosi and other mints contains several very rare and interesting items, particularly Potosi Royals (round presentation pieces), like the 8R of 1657E, 1696VR, 1707Y and 1721Y (lots 1231, 1240, 1249 and 1255) and the 4R of 1703Y (lot 1266). Also in Potosi we feature a unique Philip II 1/4R of assayer M (lot 1224). In addition to unusually large offerings in Mexican 1733-4 klippes and Guatemala cobs, we feature an extremely rare Bogota 8R of 1702VA (lot 1357) and two very rare Panama cobs.

As usual, the World Silver Coins section contains selections from practically every Latin American country. Of particular note is an extremely rare die-variety Venezuela 1/8 real of 1812 (lot 1829). Many condition-census and finest-known slabbed pieces stand out as well.

Last but not least, our exclusive artifacts sections features several high-end treasures, like a gold medallion and chain from the 1715 Fleet (lot 1910) and a silver tray from 1793 presented to a captain for the “capture of French privateers” (lot 1970), as well as the usual cross-section of simply “neat stuff.”

As always, there is something here for everyone. Good luck, bidders, and enjoy the pursuit of treasure!

Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC

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