Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction #21 Goes Live May 3

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction #21

Sedwick’s Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction #21 Catalog is NOW ONLINE!

In addition to our usual fare of the world’s best treasure for sale, this auction features arguably our best offering yet of Latin American material, particularly Central American coins from the holdings of the late Richard Stuart, and also many important bank notes.

Gold Cobs begin the auction with several Mint State gold 8, 4 and 2 escudos from the 1715 Fleet, including a certified high-grade 1710 Lima denomination set.

The World Gold Coins section follows, comprised of choice pieces and features such rarities as a Costa Rica 1873GW “5 pesos” variety graded MS 62 from the Richard Stuart Collection. The main highlight is the very rare and beautiful Cuzco 1837BA 8 escudos “FEDERACION” type graded MS 64 (pictured on the auction lot tags), accompanied by a feature article about the period.

In U.S. Coins, notable lots include a gorgeously toned MS 62 1812 Capped Bust half dollar and a Proof 1872 half dollar.

Our Shipwreck Ingots section features lots of non-wreck gold nuggets and various silver ingots, including a massive 83-pound, 7.52-ounce troy silver bar from the Atocha (1622) along with several ingots from the “Tumbaga Wreck” (circa 1528) and the Maravillas (1656).

The section for Shipwreck Silver Coins contains coins from 39 different wrecks, including a large selection from the ever-popular Atocha and countermarked shields and 1652 Transitionals from the Capitana (1654) and Maravillas.

In Mexico Silver Cobs are many Charles-Joanna coins (both “Early” and “Late Series”) and dated cobs, including several very rare dates we’ve only seen once or not at all, especially in minors.

In Lima Silver Cobs we highlight some Philip II assayer Rincón pieces, two “Star of Lima” 8 reales and a strong assortment of both shield-types and pillars-and-waves types.

Potosí Silver Cobs is filled with very rare dates, over-assayers and design varieties (mostly in minors, which are also offered in large date-run group-lots).

Rare Bogotá issues begin the Other Silver Cobs section, which features the largest Guatemala cob offering we have ever had, thanks to the Richard Stuart collection.

Following Ancient Coins is our massive World Silver Coins section, dominated by Latin American coins with significant offerings to watch in Mexico (particularly high-grade pillars, like a 1732 Philip V 4 reales without denomination or assayer and a 1733MF Philip V 4 reales with mintmark M.X graded MS 63), Guatemala (countermarks), El Salvador (provisionals and countermarks), Peru (several colonial and Republic rarities), Colombia and Panama (modern Proofs and patterns). Some historically and culturally important Bolivia gold medals feature prominently in Medals and Tokens.

A well-rounded U.S. Paper Money section contains federal (including gold certificates) and obsolete issues in addition to Texas, Confederate States and Philippines notes.

Our largest-to-date World Paper Money section contains sizable sections of rare Mexican paper money and great notes from Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

Following Documents are Shipwreck Artifacts and Non-Wreck Artifacts, where firearms, swords and a rare gold rosary from the Atocha are important items up for bidding. Don’t miss the pirate painting at the end!

To all our bidders we wish the best of luck and thanks for the continued support. Enjoy!

NOTE: All coin lots will be available for viewing at the Chicago Coin Expo (CCE) April 5-8, 2017 at Table #4 in Preston Bradley Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602. The Cultural Center can be reached at (312) 744-6630

Click here for a biography of Richard Stuart (PDF)

Special Article: North vs. South, Inca-Style: The Story Behind the Coins

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Auction Schedule

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Session I: Lots 1-276 10:00 AM EDT

Gold Cobs / World Gold Coins / U.S. Coins

Session II: Lots 277-658 1:00 PM EDT

Shipwreck Ingots / Gold Nuggets / Shipwreck Coins 1500s-1650s / Shipwreck Coins 1660s-1740s / Shipwreck Coins 1750s-1900s

Session III: Lots 659-1262 5:00 PM EDT

Mexico Silver Cobs / Lima Silver Cobs / Potosí Silver Cobs / Other Silver Cobs

Thursday May 4, 2017

Session IV: Lots 1263-1777 10:00 AM EDT

Ancient Coins / World Silver Coins (A-G) / World Silver Coins (H-O) / World Silver Coins (P-Z) / Medals and Tokens

Session V: Lots 1778-2018 3:00 PM EDT

U.S. Paper Money / World Paper Money / Documents / Maps

Session V: Lots 2019-2086 5:30 PM EDT

Shipwreck Artifacts / Non-wreck Artifacts / Paintings



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