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Daniel Frank Sedwick’s First Live Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction Starts This Week !

Just a few days remain before the Daniel Frank Sedwick TREASURE, WORLD and U.S. COIN live FLOOR Auction #14, starts at 10:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, October 30, 2013.

The LIVE FLOOR auction kicks off with 1100 lots of choice material in all areas of world coins and shipwreck treasures Treasure World and US Coin Auction Online Catalog #14 – October 30, 2013 totaling well over $1.5 million in pre-auction low estimates. Among the nearly 300 gold coins (including scores of gold cobs) you will find Part II of the New England Collection of Brazilian gold coins, featuring many finest-known type-coins in some of the most difficult areas of Brazilian gold. Part I of this landmark collection set several records in our Auction #13, so we expect the same this time.

treasure_coins_sedwickFollowing U.S. coins are the usual sections of shipwreck coins and ingots, this time representing over 80 different wrecks worldwide. Several of these wrecks are highlighted by “Research Collections” in this sale (truly the best coins from each wreck), namely São José (1622), DeLiefde (1711), Reijgersdaal (1747) and Auguste (1761).

Within the shipwrecks section is also a major milestone in auction history, as the coins from the so-called “Pewter Wreck” of the mid-1500s off Santo Domingo represent the largest-ever single offering of Santo Domingo colonial silver coins (any one of which would be a highlight on its own in another auction), preceded by a research article by Cori Downing that catalogs all of the fewer than 100 known examples.

The silver-cob sections in this auction stand out as presenting 15 Royals from the mints of Mexico, Lima and Potosí (one of the largest-ever offerings of silver Royals), with a special introductory article by Daniel Sedwick that lists all the known Royals in every denomination. Most prominent among these Royals is a unique Lima 8 reales 1725M Louis I (lot 649). We also feature our first 8-reales Heart (1704Y) in the Potosí section (lot 706). Last but not least, among the Colombian cobs is a unique ¼ real of posthumous Charles II / early Philip V (lot 754), preceded by a brief treatise by Herman Blanton, as well as a choice Bogotá 8 reales of 1668 (lot 751).Treasure World and US Coin Auction Online Catalog #14 – October 30, 2013

The Brazilian highlights continue in our section of non-cob silver coins from around the world, in addition to other “finest knowns” and unique (or nearly so) items from the Spanish colonies and early Latin America, like a Santiago (Chile) 8 reales of 1773 (lot 881), a Bogotá (Colombia) ¼ real of 1815 (lot 896), and a Pasco (Peru) 8 reales of 1857 (lot 1000). Next you will find many choice medals, most from the Alberto “Coco” Derman collection.

Last up is our exclusive selection of shipwreck artifacts, this time featuring a bronze cannon with matching breech block from a wreck off Santo Domingo (lot 1046); a gold rosary from the 1715 Fleet (lot 1058); a gold “dragon whistle” (captain’s badge of office) from the 1733 Fleet (lot 1064); and a gold reliquary from a mid-1700s wreck (lot 1068). The non-wreck artifacts include many great weapons and other neat things.

Two days after the Live Floor auction will be our Live Internet-only auction, with a cross-section of all of the above but generally more affordable items. Please give this section a careful look, as there are many “sleepers”!


REGISTRATION: Registration and bidding are always FREE (no extra fees or percentages for bidding online), and even though a credit card is required for validation, we do not charge your card unless you tell us to charge it after the auction. Once you are registered and automatically approved, first be sure to bookmark the items that interest you, so you can easily see their progress. Then go ahead and put in your maximum bids; iCollector will automatically reduce to one increment above the next-highest bid and will keep you in the running until your bid is exceeded, all with complete anonymity (no one, including us, can see your maximums). Remember, tie bids go to the earliest bidders, so don’t wait for the live closing to bid on anything for which you have a strict number in mind. Also, this time you will be bidding against the FLOOR, where dozens of people will be bidding against the Internet bidders!

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